Thanksgiving Fruit Baskets

Enjoy the bounty of the season with a fresh, premium Thanksgiving fruit basket.

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The Cornucopia - the Original Thanksgiving Fruit Arrangement

The horn of plenty, or cornucopia, is a symbol known around the world to represent abundance and nourishment - two things that always evoke gratitude during the Thanksgiving and Harvest time of year. Commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with the fresh fruits and vegetables of the harvest, the horn-of-plenty's roots trace back to ancient Greek mythology, but it is most recognized in the Western world as the Thanksgiving symbol of gratitude for family, health, happiness and blessings received.

Send Your Gratitude with a Sweet Thanksgiving Fruit Basket

Today, people use cornucopias as centerpieces to the Thanksgiving table, or placed as entryway adornments as a way of welcoming friends, family and loved ones to share in the bounty of the season. But when you're shipping a Thanksgiving fruit arrangement to loved ones across the miles, a horn-of-plenty isn't exactly the most travel-friendly arrangement, so why not take a modern approach to sending the fruits of the harvest while still paying homage to tradition, with a fruit basket from GiftTree? Our Fruit and Gourmet delight is overflowing with succulent, orchard-fresh fruits like crisp Pacific Northwest apples and juicy California oranges, along with fresh nuts, snack mixes, chocolates and more. It's all arranged in an old-world keepsake trunk with leather and aged brass rivets, calling to mind the days of the early explorers, when the first Thanksgiving took place. This gift, like all of the fruit baskets you'll find on GiftTree, is a perfect offering on Thanksgiving and an accurate expression of your own gratitude.