Get Well Balloon Bouquets

Bright and cheerful get well balloons are the perfect gift to show you care.

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Send Big Wishes with Get Well Balloon Bouquets

When you want to get a message across, nothing expresses your sentiments quite as boldly as fun-filled balloon bouquets. For saying 'Get Well Soon' or 'Hang in There,' our delightful get well balloons send a cheerful message that will have them feeling better fast. Just imagine their surprise when a giant bouquet of get well balloons is delivered to their hospital room! The bouncy and colorful balloons will fill an entire corner of the room, and every time the patient looks at them, he or she will think fondly of you and your get well wishes. Filled with helium, today's get well balloons last an extra long time so that, by the time the patient leaves the hospital, they can take their get well balloons with them as they continue to recover. For their lasting cheer and more, get well balloons are simply a great gift for brightening the day of anyone feeling under the weather.

The Anatomy of a Get Well Balloon Bouquet

A bouquet of get well balloons can be comprised of Mylar or latex balloons. Mylar balloons typically feature get well messages while latex balloons will be more oval in size with bolder, uniform colors. How does one keep these beautiful balloons from flying away? There are several options for weighting a get well balloon bouquet. For starters, there are simple weights that florists can use to secure get well balloons. Other fun options include adding a teddy bear, cookies, candy, mug, or gift basket. By adding a teddy bear to your bouquet of get well balloons, you are also sending a long distance hug from a cuddly new friend. Cookies and candy are always a welcome surprise and will help stimulate appetite while a mug is perfect for sipping hot, herbal tea. A delicious gourmet gift basket full of snacks and treats makes a perfect gift when adorned with get well balloons. No matter which type of balloons you choose and however you decide to keep them secure, your cheerful get well balloons are sure to be appreciated.

The Perfect Gift of Flowers and Get Well Balloon Bouquets

By their nature, flowers are just as bright and beautiful as get well balloons, so why not double the fun and combine a joyful balloon bouquet with the jubilant gift of flowers? Combined, the uplifting colors and fragrance will fill any hospital room with joy. A vase of flowers also provides the perfect anchor for keeping the balloons from flying away while the balloons provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing the beautiful intricacies of the flowers. Not only will the addition of get well balloons make your flower bouquet seem bigger, but it will also send a bigger message of get well wishes, too! Your gift of get well balloons will naturally tower over hospital equipment and other not-so-exciting features of the room, providing the patient with an overwhelming reminder of your joyful get well wishes and sentiments.