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Champagne Gift Baskets: Champagne Wishes Gift Basket
Champagne Wishes Gift Basket
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Wine Gift Crates: Dinner Party Three Bottle-Wine Crate
Dinner Party Three Bottle-Wine Crate
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Wine Gift Crates: Keepsake Champagne Toast Crate
Keepsake Champagne Toast Crate
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Champagne Baskets: 5th Avenue with Champagne
5th Avenue with Champagne
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Sip, Sparkle, Celebrate

Few things are as connected with celebration as Champagne or sparkling wine is. The fizzy and festive beverage is almost synonymous with New Year's Eve, birthdays, and celebrating milestones such as promotions, retirement or anniversaries. So where does the tradition of popping Champagne come from? Well, the tradition of celebrating with Champagne originated from the Royal Courts of Europe. Prior to 1789 (the year of the French revolution), Champagne was an expensive drink and as such, was viewed by the rest of the world as a status symbol. After the French revolution, partaking in a Champagne toast by the middle classes became a part of special occasions. Today, Champagne and sparkling wines are so common throughout the world that they're sipped at all types of gatherings. Champagne is so well-loved, in fact, that it makes the perfect gift. And a really special, luxurious bottle, such as Veuve Clicquot, still has that status symbol panache.

What to Serve with Champagne

Pairing Champagne can be difficult, with the complexity of flavors and styles within that bottle of bubbly. However, once you understand the basics of Champagne flavors, you will find that it is one of the most versatile wines for food. Brut Champagne, such as Dom Perignon, contains high levels of acid from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, and only a small amount of residual sugar. That is what gives Dom Perignon that "dry" mouthfeel. These two characteristics can complement many foods, from subtle flavors to spicy or salty foods. Oddly enough, in the US, where Champagne is served commonly at weddings, it is consumed with the wedding cake, which is one of the few foods that it actually does not pair well with. Salty foods that complement the Champagne's flavors create a balance that your gift recipient is sure to love. Potato chips, popcorn, caviar, Thai food that is not too red-hot, soft cheeses, salmon or pasta with prawns are some very good pairing ideas for Champagne.

Giving Champagne as a Gift

Because Champagne is so synonymous with celebrating, especially in the United States, giving Champagne as a gift is a perfect idea. Here at GiftTree we offer many different presentations of Champagne Gifts, but our favorite way to give Champagne is probably in a Champagne Gift Basket. Because of its versatility with food, giving a Champagne Basket is a great idea. The bottle of bubbly is surrounded by all different types of delicious pairings, from salted dark chocolate to savory popcorn, luscious Camembert cheese and olive oil crostini. Imagine your recipient toasting and sipping that lush Champagne, nibbling on perfect pairings that bring out the wine's aromas and flavors. It is the perfect gift! And all of GiftTree's Champagne Gift Baskets are presented in absolutely stunning baskets themselves. They'll keep them forever and be reminded of your generosity for years to come! Did you know that every Champagne gift basket comes with personalized ribbons as well? That's right. Any celebration, any word or phrase you want to imprint in gold on a satin ribbon, we can do. It adds so much to a gift that is already sparkling with festivity.

How to Choose the Perfect Champagne for a Gift

Giving a special bottle of Champagne is something that will not only be remembered and enjoyed, but it will also help you gain a reputation as someone who knows their wine and has excellent taste. Take for example the Royal Champagne Basket, or our bestselling Champagne Wishes Gift Basket, starring Moet & Chandon. Either one of these luxury Champagne Baskets is going to arrive looking like a million bucks, making you look like a million bucks too.