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Epicurean Gifts For All

Giving a delicious gift of fancy food not only spoils your recipient, but it also shows off your great taste. That's where GiftTree's Epicurean Gifts come in! Our collection of gifts for food lovers is highly curated. Our Curators scour the globe, seeking out the most delicious delights available, to create remarkable and unforgettable gifts. Most of GiftTree's epicurean collection comes with informational tasting cards to accompany the food, explaining the source, how it was crafted by artisans, and so forth. Giving an epicurean gift of cheese and charcuterie, honey and salt, or even some delicious olive oil makes a wonderfully unique way of sending best wishes. Take our Artisan Cheese Hamper, for example: just imagine taking a slice crisp juicy apple, topping it with a slice of sharp white cheese and adding a dollop of fig and orange spread... is your mouth watering yet? Send a delicious, sumptuous gourmet epicurean gift today, for any special occasion.

Food Brings Us Together

For thousands upon thousands of years, food has been a focal point in gathering people together. Every gathering, every family, every office celebration - it all gathers around food. Whole holidays are built around the table, far beyond Thanksgiving. Can you think of a holiday that doesn't have a central focus on food? There's Easter dinner, the Independence Day BBQ, going out for a nice dinner on Valentine's Day and even the delicious Irish meal we tuck into, every Saint Patrick's Day. That's why food makes such an amazingly wonderful gift to give. From personal to professional, every connection you have gets some kind of pleasure out of food, so it makes a perfect gift. Even if they're the "healthy kind", giving fruit or nuts is a fabulous idea. Here at GiftTree, we call everyone "foodies"! There's no limit to great taste, and anyone who loves good food and togetherness, anyone who calls themselves a foodie, is going to love a gift from GiftTree's epicurean collection.

What Is A Foodie, And What Does Epicurean Mean, Anyway?

Merriam Webster gives the definition of a "foodie" as someone who has an avid interest in the latest food fads. Here at GiftTree, with think it's so much more than that, and much more than a fad. To us, a "foodie" is someone who is invested in seeking memories out of the food and drinks that make up the moments of their lives. A foodie is someone with an impeccable palate, a knack for finding the "secret menu" at restaurants, and someone who truly invests time and money into the hobby of enjoying food and drink. The Washington Post wrote this: a gustatory pleasure-seeker... someone who seeks out obscure cooking methods, niche coffee roasting techniques... and someone who is current on trends and fads, yes, but also someone who holds classical technique and taste in high regard. If all that is true, who's to say who is a foodie and who is not? At GiftTree we believe everyone has every right to love whatever food they love and to share it with those around them. So what does "epicurean" mean, exactly? Well, it all started with the Greek philosopher Epicurus. He was an ancient philosopher who believed that living a life of simplicity was the way to achieve all the comfort and pleasure. To keep things simple, but also to take great care in the habits of eating and drinking - that none of it is wasted. And thus, the word "epicurean" became an adjective to describe having luxurious tastes and habits! So give a foodie gift today, from GiftTree's epicurean collection.