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New to the Family: Easter Gift Baskets They'll Never Forget

I had a new side of the family to impress, but I was a fish out of water.

I had fallen in love with Anthony through a blind date back in the fall, and we both lived in the city working 50+ hours a week so neither of had really been able to see either side of our families for a while. But we both knew that we were getting serious enough that the time for introducing me to Anthony's family had definitely come.

One morning I was looking out of the 57th Street high-rise window, day-dreaming of how I wish these banks would just merge themselves while I sip a Mai Tai on the beach, when my phone rang. It was Anthony.

I had a new side of the family to impress, but I was a fish out of water.

"Hey hon, can you talk for a minute?".


"So, I know that we've both been really busy, but I think next weekend we should take some time off to go see my family for Easter."

"Go visit your family? Way out in the boonies? Wow, that's a big step. But I guess it would be good to get away for a little while. But what should I bring? I mean, this is my first time meeting your family and I actually have no idea what to do for Easter anyway. Is it a big deal to get them something?"

"Well, yeah, I mean Easter was always a big holiday for us growing up. What about a gift basket?"

"I mean, that sounds okay but I'm not very creative. I wouldn't even know where to begin."

"Oh, you don't have to do that yourself! My uncle works for GiftTree.com and that's where I get all my gifts. They have amazing Easter gift baskets every year. The chocolate they have in their baskets is to-die-for, their wines are incredible, and they leave no stone unturned with the packaging and presentation quality. Seriously, they're amazing. Just go online, buy something ahead, and have it shipped to your apartment. We'll bring it with us in the car."

"Huh, no kidding! Well I guess that will work then. I'll talk to my boss this afternoon about getting some time off."

I got off the phone, made a mental note to return to the Mai Tai daydream session, and decided it was time for lunch. I walked with a throng of people across 57th to my favorite hot dog stand, found a park bench and got out my phone.

"GiftTree.com'hrm'" I murmured to myself. I was able to find the site within second, and man, did they really have some impressive stuff! I couldn't even decide with all the ritzy looking wine, gourmet food, beer companion gifts, snack towers'. My mind wandered again.

"Easter. I'm here for an Easter gift basket," I said as I renewed my focus.

I punched "Easter" into the search box and it revealed quite a few options, more than I had expected! I saw Faberge eggs, chocolate, chocolate with wine, wine without chocolate, and finally, a gift basket that looked just perfect.

From what I could read online it seemed like it would make a huge impression and was full of name brand chocolate, a plush bunny, jellybeans, and some shortbread cookies in the shape of an Easter egg. Best of all, I could have my own personal message printed on the satin ribbon that they tied around the basket. I was sold!

The checkout process was smooth and I got a confirmation email within minutes of placing the order. They said it would arrive in 5-7 business days, which would still give plenty of time for it to come to me before our trip.

I texted Anthony , "wow, GiftTree really is amazing. Can't wait to give your parents this basket!"

Not even three days later, the basket arrived, and it was perfect. Everything Anthony said was true, the packaging was detailed to the nines, the ribbon with my "Happy Easter! Love, Taylor" message was better than I imagined, and everything inside the basket was clearly packaged with careful attention to the appearance and presentation.

When the weekend finally came, I had no fears about what the family would think of me. With this basket in hand I was more confident than I ever was, even in the board rooms for major meetings. We made the drive, I walked right up the steps, rang the doorbell and Anthony's mom came to the door. She leaned to give me a hug but in the middle of the gesture, stopped, and said, "Wow, now what's this? An Easter gift basket? Oh, you shouldn't have."

We stepped inside, where she rested the basket on the coffee table in the main living area while the rest of the family crowded around to open it.

"Everyone, look what Taylor brought!"

I reveled in the moment as Anthony's siblings and parents crowded around to exclaim over the basket.

"Wow, look at this ribbon!"

"Oh my, what beautiful packaging."

"These are my favorite chocolates! How did you know? Looks like you'll be a keeper."

And it was as simple as that. A year Anthony and I were married, and I have become a seamless part of his wild and wonderful family - all thanks to the perfect Easter gift basket from GiftTree!