Company Timeline

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    • 1997-1999
    • 2000-2002
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    • 2012-2014
    • 2015-2017
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GiftTree 20th anniversary 1997
Craig Bowen and Esther Díez launch the website from the first GiftTree office in Key West, Florida.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 1998
GiftTree relocates to Vancouver, WA. The first two employees are hired, and the team focuses on improving their software capabilities.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 1999
GiftTree leverages search engine and directory placement to dramatically increase sales. In June, GiftTree joins the Teleflora network and by December is ranked as one of Teleflora’s top 100 florists.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2000
The team focuses on establishing many revolutionary platforms and initiatives including: development of an interactive customer service software tool, development of a proprietary e-commerce platform, and establishment of business sales initiatives and lead tracking.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2001
The first warehouse opens allowing GiftTree an expanded ability to offer the highest quality gifts and the best delivery times. GiftTree would quickly outgrow this space and rent additional space for the holiday season.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2002
GiftTree’s IT team focuses on improving internal systems. By reinvesting profits back into the company, a new department focused on the personalization of products is established, as well as a new photo studio.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2003
GiftTree makes major investments into equipment and software to make the warehouse and call center more efficient. Key purchases include: production lines, speedy packer, cutting machines, conveyer belts, heat tunnels, tape machines, etc. During this year, GiftTree’s first holiday catalog is published.
gifttree 20th anniversary 2004
GiftTree is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the Vancouver-Portland area for the third year in a row by the Business Journal.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2005
GiftTree places an emphasis on improving operational efficiencies, including: retail operations, the creation of a new drop ship program, and safety.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2006
The Vancouver warehouse continues to expand and grow.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2007
GiftTree creates an innovative software tool to logically merchandise gifts on the website. Major advances are made in supply chain logistics, including the development of custom containers and food packing machinery.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2008
GiftTree begins selling their own fruit baskets and other fruit gifts.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2009
The Luxury Wine Collection is added to GiftTree’s gift lineup.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2010
GiftTree launches a new Promotional Channel.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2011
Expansion planning commences with a focus on software development to support GiftTree having two warehouse locations. Significant advances in personalized products are made.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2012
The company’s second warehouse opens in Charlotte, North Carolina allowing GiftTree the ability to ship much faster to the East coast.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2013
The Vancouver call center expands and relocates to the Tower Mall location in Vancouver.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2014
GiftTree’s third warehouse opens in Austin, Texas enabling 1-2 day shipping to the majority of the US.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2015
Martin McClanan joins GiftTree as President and CEO.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2016
GiftTree launches an epicurean collection featuring gourmet cheese, charcuterie and other specialty snacks.
GiftTree 20th anniversary 2017
GiftTree celebrates its 20th Anniversary!