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Last year, it was my sister's birthday, my Grandparents' anniversary, and I needed to send a thank you gift to my mom, all at the same time! It seems that almost everyone in my family is a wine lover, my mom loves Napa Valley Cabernet and red blends, while my sister loves Oregon Pinot Noir, and my Grandparents love popping a bottle of champagne on a special occasion. While looking online for the best wine gifts for each of them, I came across GiftTree's incredible selection! I was able to send a beautiful wine gift to everyone on my list.

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For a birthday, an anniversary or sending a warm thank you, GiftTree's wine themed gifts are perfect for your favorite wine lover. From the casual dinnertime sipper to the discerning oenophile to the weekend taster, GiftTree knows the best wine to give as a gift, and thoughtfully builds their wine themed gifts around their collection of fabulous vintages.