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Sending Wedding Gifts Across the Miles

When a wedding invitation arrives in the mail, it's always a reason to celebrate. Marriage is a joyous occasion! But sometimes, the timing of the wedding date doesn't always coincide with the timing of your own busy schedule, especially if the wedding itself is taking place in a location that would involve some travel on your end. What is the best way to let someone know you're unable to attend their wedding? Send a polite and prompt RSVP back, first of all. Wedding planning is a lot of work, and the sooner you let the bride and groom know that you're unable to attend, regretfully, the better their planning will come together. It's just a little courtesy that you can take care of, and they will be grateful that you let them know sooner than later that you are sorry you cannot attend. The next thing to do, of course, is when the wedding date gets close, send a unique wedding gift across the miles! You've arrived at GiftTree's Wedding Gifts Collection, which is a great start! We have the best wedding gifts around, and they're definitely unique and memorable. You can also set up your delivery date to arrive when the bride and groom get back from their honeymoon, too! What better way to enjoy one our our Gourmet Gift Baskets.

GiftTree's Best Wedding Gifts

One of the most popular and best selling Wedding Gifts that we have ever had is most definitely the California Classic Wine Basket. Just imagine this amazing gift basket arriving to the bride and groom's hotel! You can choose between lush Chardonnay with buttery notes of apples and peach, a bottle of smooth and velvety California red wine with flavors of black fruits and plum, or a bottle of each! The bottles of wine arrive surrounded by luxury chocolates, cheeses, crackers and so much more. It's all arranged in an elegant keepsake basket that they will be sure to repurpose in their first home together; a constant reminder of your generosity. Another one of our most popular wedding gifts that you can send is the Engraved Cheese Board with Tools. You can engrave the top of the cheese board with the bride and groom's initials, and the lid swivels open to reveal a set of stainless steel cheese tools. Did you know that different types of cheeses require different knives to cut them? The bride and groom will love using the different tools on hard and soft cheeses of all types, and every time they break out this cheese board, they will think of you.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Wedding Gifts For Parents, Too

Wedding gifts are not just for the bride and groom, of course. Many people traditionally give gifts to the two sets of parents of the happy couple, too. If you are looking for wedding gifts for parents, this is a wonderful place to be. And not only that, but our collection of Wedding Gifts are also perfect for anniversary gifting, as well! Whether it is their children getting married or it is their own wedding anniversary, parents should be celebrated and doted upon during this special time. One of the best ways to really elevate your gift is to add a personalized ribbon to your gift basket. Every gift basket from GiftTree, whether it is gourmet food, premium fruit or a celebratory bottle of Champagne, comes with a ribbon hand-tied around the basket, and you have the option to add a message! It can be a personal greeting, names, a special date or anything you choose. Imagine a gift basket arriving with a ribbon that says, "Happy 50 Years, Mom & Dad!". Wouldn't that be great? Your personal greeting is imprinted in beautiful gold lettering, right onto the ribbon itself. Talk about making a grand entrance!