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Find festive green gifts and flowers to celebrate Irish pride.

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Showstopping St Patrick¿¿¿s Day Gifts - How Super Mom Saved the Day

I was fresh out of ideas for St Patrick¿¿¿s Day gifts for my son¿¿¿s party at school. I only had a week left! Shamrock pins? No. Leprechaun costumes? Tacky. Tiny boxes of that over-sugared cereal with the little pieces of fake marshmallows? No, no, and no.

I had already agreed to host the party for Simon¿¿¿s 3rd grade class, and agreed to bring prizes for some games they were playing. But I never thought that St Patrick¿¿¿s Day gifts would be so hard to come by! What was I thinking??

I almost gave up my endless and fruitless Internet searching, but then I got an email from I almost didn¿¿¿t realize why I was getting the email, but then I remembered that I had sent out some gifts for my boss¿¿¿s clients a few months before. They had actually turned out really well ¿¿¿ the packaging was beautiful, they arrived usually earlier than I anticipated, all the food tasted amazing, and there was always enough to go around.

The email featured a few exciting St Patrick¿¿¿s Day gift baskets. What a nice surprise! They showed a bucket of 12 gourmet cookies in a green St Patrick¿¿¿s Day theme that looked like it would be perfect for what I needed. I could buy three of them, and use one bucket for each of the games¿¿¿ prizes, or break them down and give one cookie to each child for participation. Perfect!

Then my heart stopped. I suddenly remembered that the school specifically requested nut-free cookies because of the allergies. Oh, this is bad. Really bad. What if one of the cookies has nuts in it, and I don¿¿¿t know about it? Usually I make cookies myself if I want to avoid certain ingredients. I didn¿¿¿t really have time for that, though, so I decided to call customer service.

¿¿¿, this is Julie, how may I help you today?¿¿¿

Wow, that was pleasant, I thought.

¿¿¿Yes, I¿¿¿m looking at one of your St Patrick¿¿¿s Day gift baskets. The one with the cookies.¿¿¿

¿¿¿Sure! I know that product. I¿¿¿m right there with you. What can I help you with?¿¿¿

¿¿¿Well, I¿¿¿m buying it for these St. Patrick¿¿¿s Day gift basket giveaways for a party at my son¿¿¿s school, but they said they can¿¿¿t accept any cookies with nuts. Can you tell me the ingredients in those cookies?¿¿¿

¿¿¿Absolutely. These are shortbread cookies so they contain no nuts and are made with flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, and eggs - all the traditional ingredients when you¿¿¿re baking from scratch. And the green frosting is from all-natural ingredients as well ¿¿¿ no artificial dyes or additives.¿¿¿

¿¿¿Wow! Well that¿¿¿s great news! Can I order right now?¿¿¿

¿¿¿Of course!¿¿¿

And Julie took me through the entire ordering process in about five minutes. Completely painless! Not two minutes after we hung up, I got a confirmation email that detailed the price of the three baskets and when I could expect them to arrive.

Even though we live five states away from GiftTree¿¿¿s warehouse, the cookies arrived in just two days, leaving more than enough time to prepare for the party. The packaging on each gift was beautiful, with satin ribbons on each one, sturdy containers and an artistic, upscale feel to the whole presentation. There was nothing they hadn¿¿¿t thought of.

When the day for the party came, all of Simon¿¿¿s friends were wondering who would get the awesome cookie gifts! As a result, everyone participated in the games even more than they usually would have because everyone wanted to get a taste. I was able to proudly display a really exciting gift, and thanks to Julie¿¿¿s excellent customer service, I had no worries about all the kids being about to enjoy their prize.

On the way home from school after the party, Simon spoke up from the back seat and said ¿¿¿Mom, thanks for the awesome party. Those cookies were the best I¿¿¿ve ever tasted.¿¿¿ All his friends agreed, too.

I now know I can leave it to for St. Patrick¿¿¿s Day gifts that will save the day every time.