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There are people who drink champagne when they're celebrating a special occasion - maybe it's a toast at a wedding or on an anniversary, or maybe there's a bottle popping open to celebrate a business deal or a promotion - and then there are people like my sister, who loves champagne and drinks it more than any other libation. She loves the bubbles, but most of all she loves the flavors that each bottle of champagne boasts - from stone fruits like apricot and peach, to toasted almond and brioche, to white flowers and minerals. What isn't commonly known about champagne is that it also pairs perfectly with lots of dishes, and can be enjoyed with dinner or dessert, too! Whenever I need to find a gift for my sister, I know I can count on GiftTree to find the perfect champagne gift for her.

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Whether you're celebrating a momentous occasion or just know someone who loves champagne, GiftTree carries the best and most beautiful selection of champagne gifts online. Take the Royal Champagne Gift Basket, for example - premium champagne like Moet and Chandon, Dom Perignon or Cristal is paired with gourmet fare and sweet confections, making an ideal gift to treat a loved one or a colleague like royalty, no matter the occasion! From abundant baskets filled with gourmet chocolate to lavish gifts of champagne and caviar served on delicate mother-of-pearl plates, a champagne gift from GiftTree will always be dressed to impress and destined to delight.