The Story of the GiftTree Pomegranate

The GiftTree Pomegranate, An International Symbol of Generosity

Spanning continents and cultures, the pomegranate has served as a symbol of generosity since ancient times. When extended as an offering, pomegranates signify good will and the best intentions from one heart to another. GiftTree is proud to bear the pomegranate as our emblem, as it perfectly embodies our approach to designing and curating our gifts.

When much ado matters, leaving a lasting impression is the cornerstone of the GiftTree mission. When you send an exclusive gift from us, you’re sending more than a basket or a box - you’re sending a gift with intention.

We hope you appreciate our easy-to-navigate website, branded packaging and streamlined aesthetic, but most importantly, we hope you too embrace the pomegranate symbol as an expression of genuine gratitude, generosity, and respect to build and renew the relationships you choose to foster with a GiftTree gift.

With Warm Regards,

Craig Bowen | Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board
Esther Díez  1962-2020 | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

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