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At GiftTree, we delight in turning ordinary gifting moments into extraordinary ones. Since our founding in 1997 by owners Craig Bowen and Esther Díez, gift givers have celebrated the important moments in their life with our collection of superior-quality, hand-chosen gifts. From the start, we’ve focused on top-quality products and keepsake containers brought together to create delightful packages.

Today, GiftTree operates from its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington located in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Our multiple other locations in Austin, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina, give us the unique opportunity to offer two-day ground shipping to most locations within the United States. We’re also proud to offer the fastest turnaround in the industry on hand-personalized gifts – with custom gifts ready in a single business day.

We also offer our full line of services to corporations and businesses large and small. We provide companies with personal business service representatives to make the business gift buying experience easy and seamless. With a carefully curated collection of products for holidays, promotions, and every-day gifting moments, companies find GiftTree to be the answer for all their personal and business gifting needs.

We understand that the act of gifting revolves around the expected reactions of the recipient, and that the act of choosing and ordering a gift should be a smooth and pleasant experience. That’s why our exceptional customer service team works around the clock for the shared goal of a simple and very successful gifting experience. Our team of gifting experts is available 24 hours a day to ensure an exceptional experience for both giver and receiver.


Craig Bowen   |    Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Craig is GiftTree's Chairman of the Board and co-founder along with his wife, Esther Díez. As the principle owner of GiftTree, Craig embodies a passion for impeccable quality in food, wine, and product presentation. He has built a values-based company making sure every employee understands that to work at GiftTree means that you will embrace teamwork, ownership, and passion.  Craig is a native of Washington and an alumnus of Arizona State University and the University of Washington. He is active in multiple charities, is fluent in Spanish, and loves frequent visits to the Iberian Peninsula.

Esther Díez    |    Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

As the co-founder and owner of GiftTree with her husband Craig Bowen, Esther has been the key operational leader within the company ensuring all gifts are beautiful and made to exacting quality standards, assisting in production on the warehouse floor and adding her input and great taste to signature design elements. She is a driving force behind our culture of teamwork, ownership, and passion and ensures that GiftTree remains a great place to work for all. She holds both an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Esther lives and works in Washington where she actively supports many local charities, and she enjoys regular visits to her home city of Pamplona, Spain.

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