The GiftTree Difference

We define generosity.
GiftTree is proud to bear the pomegranate as our emblem, as it perfectly embodies our approach to designing and curating our gifts. Spanning continents and cultures, the pomegranate has served as a symbol of generosity since ancient times. When extended as an offering, pomegranates signify good will and the best intentions from one heart to another. The pomegranate is, essentially, who we are at our core - defining generosity.

We aspire to inspire.
The good taste that each gift embodies—and the uncompromising quality we guarantee—assures you that whatever you choose to send will inspire genuine delight and gratitude from friends, family and business associates. You’ll be making a lasting impression.

Exclusive keepsake containers.
The presentation of your gift is carefully planned to maximize the “wow” effect at first sight. Ordinary boxes won’t do. We design shapes, choose colors and select durable, luxurious materials for all our signature trays, baskets and chests. As a result, they can be repurposed for years, granting your gift impressive staying power.

Your gift will be swiftly on its way.
The vast majority of gifts ship the day you order them…from whichever of our three locations is closest to the shipping address. If you are a last-minute person, this is music to your ears.

Personalization & business identity.
Would you like to display a name, message or business logo on your gift? We will engrave, emboss, monogram or imprint your message. And here’s the best news: in most cases, we need only one day to do it!

We love hearing from you.
Thank you for the reviews you publish—we appreciate both the praise and the suggestions for improvement. Please join us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on our blog, The Gift Exchange. Staying connected with you and hearing your stories helps us create inspired gifts and efficient practices.

Sincerely, GiftTree.
Whenever you reach out to GiftTree, we promise a friendly, positive experience for you every time…along with our sincere thanks for your business.

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We promise a friendly, positive experience for you every time

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