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Wine Baskets: California Classic Wine Basket
California Classic Wine Basket
From $89.95
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Fruit Baskets: Fresh Fruit Trio
Fresh Fruit Trio
From $49.95
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Wine Baskets: The 5th Avenue Grand
The 5th Avenue Grand
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Wine Baskets: The 5th Avenue Supreme
The 5th Avenue Supreme
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Fruit Baskets: Orchard Harvest
Orchard Harvest
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Wine Baskets: The Ambassador
The Ambassador
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Gourmet Gift Baskets: Golden Gourmet Supreme
Golden Gourmet Supreme
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Wine Baskets: Private Reserve
Private Reserve
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Build a Lasting Relationship with Home Builder Gifts

The construction company that built the home for my husband and I did such an incredible job. We have heard so many horror stories about building your own home, but this team was an absolute dream to work with! They stayed on schedule, their craftsmanship was great, the whole crew was easy to talk to and work with, and the supervisors kept us updated at all times. If problems ever arose, they were quick to come to a solution. We were so thankful for such a great construction crew! We went online and wrote glowing reviews for them, but we wanted to do more. That's when we decided to send something big - a big thank you gift - to the whole crew. But what kind of home builder gift is perfect for a big team like that? That's when we found GiftTree's home builder's gifts collection. A bountiful basket was perfect, especially with a hand tied ribbon with personalization on it that said "Thank you for everything!". We know we built a lasting relationship with them and we'll always recommend them to clients, colleagues, friends and family.