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Wine Baskets: California Wine Quartet
California Wine Quartet
Fruit Baskets: Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket
Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket
Coffee & Tea Gift Baskets: Italian Roast Coffee Chest
Italian Roast Coffee Chest
Chocolate & Sweet Baskets: The Godiva Chocolatier Collection
The Godiva Chocolatier Collection
(Sold Out)
Cookie Gift Baskets: Double Delight Cookie Duo
Double Delight Cookie Duo
Champagne Gift Baskets: The Royal Champagne Gift Basket
The Royal Champagne Gift Basket
Cookie Gift Baskets: Cookie Cravings Duo
Cookie Cravings Duo
Wine Baskets: Around the World Wine Chest
Around the World Wine Chest
Wine Gift Crates: Fine Champagne Crate
Fine Champagne Crate
From $39.95
Specialty Snacks Gifts: Nuts and Fruit Harvest Crate
Nuts and Fruit Harvest Crate
Wine Baskets: The Premier Selection
The Premier Selection
Champagne Gifts: Champagne and Confections
Champagne and Confections
From $69.95
Wine Gifts: The Classic Wine Duet
The Classic Wine Duet
From $49.95
Wine Baskets: Champagne and Caviar
Champagne and Caviar
Gourmet Gift Baskets: The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket
The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket
From $59.95
Fruit Baskets: Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Healthy Choices Fruit Gift
Wine Gift Crates: Argyle Brut Sparkling Wine
Argyle Brut Sparkling Wine
Wine Baskets: Vintner's Elite Selection
Vintner's Elite Selection
From $199.95
Fruit Baskets: Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket
Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket

Show Your Appreciation with a New Client Gift

Giving a gift to your new clients is a perfect way to commemorate the agreement. There are many options out there for new client gifts, but GiftTree stands above the crowd with our attention to detail and uncompromising quality. Take or example our champagne gift baskets! Nothing says "celebrate" like champagne, and we pair that bottle of luxury champagne with delectable chocolates, imported snacks and gourmet fare of renowned reputation. All of this is artfully arranged inside a keepsake basket - one that is meant to be used again and again around the home or office, creating a keepsake that every time your recipient sees it, they're remember your generosity.

New Client Gifts - Delivered!

When a new client agrees to work with your business, give them a gift that they won't forget! GiftTree's collection of gifts for new clients commemorates the partnership in an unforgettable way. The gifts themselves are perfect, but we elevate your giving to even greater heights with our attention to detail and impeccable presentation. Virtually every gift comes with hand-tied satin ribbon, an elegant note card bearing your personal message or greeting, and even a pair of scissors to help your recipient open their gift. It's these little details that add up to big generosity! Trust GiftTree your new clients for trusting their business to you.