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Employee Appreciation Gift Collection
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Fruit Baskets: Fresh Fruit Trio
Fresh Fruit Trio
From $49.95
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: California Classic Wine Basket
California Classic Wine Basket
From $89.95
Ships Free
Fruit Baskets: Fresh Fruit Trio & Cheese
Fresh Fruit Trio & Cheese
From $59.95
Ships Free
Gift Towers: Holiday Host
Holiday Host
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: Christmas Wishes
Christmas Wishes
From $79.95
Ships Free
Gourmet Gift Baskets: As Good As Gold Grand
As Good As Gold Grand
Ships Free
Champagne Gifts: Champagne & Godiva
Champagne & Godiva
From $129.95
Ships Free
Gourmet Gift Baskets: Broadway Gourmet
Broadway Gourmet
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: The 5th Avenue Supreme
The 5th Avenue Supreme
Ships Free
Fruit Baskets: Orchard Harvest
Orchard Harvest
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: The Premier Holiday Selection
The Premier Holiday Selection
From $179.95
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: The Ambassador
The Ambassador
Ships Free
Gourmet Gift Baskets: Golden Gourmet Supreme
Golden Gourmet Supreme
Ships Free
Wine Baskets: Private Reserve
Private Reserve
Ships Free

Reward Excellence with Employee Appreciation Gifts

My company has had a great year. We increased our profits and lowered our operating costs! Who do I owe it to? My wonderful employees and staff, who are committed to excellence and the success of our great company. I wanted to reward my employees with a gift that would really let them know how much I appreciate their hard work. But where could I send employee appreciation gifts? A quick search online brought me to GiftTree and I knew I was in the right place. I was able to order multiple gifts for multiple recipients all at once, and these beautiful gifts were delivered right on time. My employees know how much they're appreciated and valued, and I truly believe it helps our business run better.

Reward Employees with Gifts of Appreciation

It doesn't have to be Employee Appreciation Day to send your employees gifts that let them know they're valued. GiftTree's business gift selection is perfect for letting your employees know that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed! From gift baskets filled with chocolates and wine, to personalized keepsakes for their desks and towers of treats, GiftTree's business and corporate gifts are guaranteed to let your employees know they're appreciated in a generous fashion.