It’s January – the chaotic (but totally worth it, of course) holiday season has finally come to a close. January is also National Thank You Month. That means it’s time to get going on writing thank you cards for holiday gifts you received.

Often, people ask if sending a thank you card for holiday gifts is really necessary. The answer is a resounding yes – especially if you didn’t see the gift-giver over the holidays and your gift came in the mail.  But what should you write? Here are some helpful tips to remember when writing your thank you notes!

1. Handwritten notes are best.

When you put pen to paper, you’re showing someone that they’re worth the extra effort, beyond an email or a text message. Plus, scientific studies have shown that handwriting is more memorable than talking, texting or typing. So when you write, you’re planting that gratitude in your mind, and when they receive the card, your writing will be better remembered, too.

2. Kids should send thank you cards for every gift they received. 

Even if the gift-giver was present when the gift was opened, children should write thank you cards for every gift they received. You’re teaching them the importance of etiquette and gratitude – two virtues that will benefit them greatly in the future. Especially for those parents whose children are young – get out the crayons and markers and make a fun activity out of it!

3. Write about what you received. 

The gift-giver really wants to know that you appreciate their gift, so go into specific detail! It shows that their gift wasn’t just unwrapped and brushed aside.

Here are some examples:

  • “Thank you for the restaurant gift card – it went to great use on date night! We had a wonderful meal and a lovely time together, and it was all thanks to you.”
  • “I was blown away by the framed photo of us. It’s already hung up on the wall and I smile every time I see it.” 
  • “That bottle of wine you sent was fantastic! It really went perfectly with Christmas dinner and we made a special toast just to you.”

4. Pay attention to detail and end on a warm note. 

Make sure you spell all their names correctly, confirm that you wrote about the right gift, and send your note to the correct address so it doesn’t come back and delay your thanks.


How Long Do I Have To Send A Thank You?

The general length of time to send an appropriate thank you card is about a month, so consider your deadline to be at or around January 25th. If you don’t get to it until later than that, start with a short apology – something like, “I’ve been meaning to write and tell you…”

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