Let’s face it, we are all guilty of not reading our company’s newsletters. Whether it is too long, not interesting, old news or not worth your busy time, there are many examples of how easy it is to hit ‘DELETE’ when that newsletter hits your inbox. So how do you write a standout newsletter that will grab your fellow coworker’s attention?

Whether you are looking to be creative, funny, entertaining, or short and to the point with some lightheartedness, here are some of our favorite tips on writing the perfect newsletter.

Write Newsletters Your Employees Will Read

  1. Provide content worth reading – This might seem like a no brainer but seriously, make it interesting. Make sure to provide tips, advice, or industry news that subscribers will be interested in. Perhaps even provide an incentive within the newsletter such as a raffle or give-away.
  2. Create a catchy headline/subject – Your newsletter literally needs to scream “READ ME FIRST”.
  3. Establish trust – Consistency is key but feel free to add variety. Always make sure that your employees can trust what you say and feel that your headlines/subjects are cohesive with the content.
  4. Write for your audience – Although this may be a company-wide newsletter, always make sure to break it down for everyone, avoid acronyms and abbreviations when possible.
  5. Keep it short and simple – Allow your employees to get the important information they need.
  6. Keep them regular – Between once a week and once a month is usually considered about right.
  7. Add visuals to enhance your content – Did you know the average employee only spends 51 seconds reading a newsletter? Spice it up with some funny, relevant GIFs or memes.
  8. Tell a story – Get creative! Tell a story about an employee or a story about your company – just make sure it’s relevant to your overall content.

Great employees, colleagues and clients deserve some appreciation.

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