Welcome to Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving. Whether it’s honoring the relationships that we have, feeling grateful for an occasion or a special time of year, or relishing life’s simple joys, Why We Gift Wednesday is all about giving and generosity – the expression of appreciation for life’s many happy moments.

This Wine Wednesday, we’re celebrating healthy habits. Setting the standard by which your children will live can set them up for a lifetime of success – especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. From sitting down to a meal of fresh, nutritious ingredients, to taking a family hike, to going to the grocery store and planning out the week’s meals – these are the things that kids will remember and likely emulate as they grow up.

Looking for healthy recipes that the whole family will love? Remember the foolproof trifecta for making a meal that’s nutritious and healthy: fresh vegetables, whole grains and lean protein! Dinner – A Love Story is one of our favorite blogs to find delicious recipes, help with fussy eaters, meal planning and an all around love of food and family. There are also some great resources online to help you plan out the week’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners and grocery shopping, like these printable templates from Daily Burn!

The team at GiftTree is all about healthy eating (with a few indulgences, of course) and healthy gifting, too! Check out our fruit gifts for some delicious ideas to give sweet and nourishing gifts.


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What are some of your favorite go-to healthy meals to serve to the family?