Welcome to another edition Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebrate one of the thousands of reasons that we truly love giving. Whether it’s honoring the relationships that we have, feeling grateful for an occasion or a special time of year, or relishing life’s simple joys, Why We Gift Wednesday is all about giving and generosity – the expression of appreciation for life’s many happy moments. It’s almost September and that means one thing – back to school (or in this case, off to college). Is there a member of your family who’s off to college within the next few weeks? We think one of the most thoughtful gifts you can send is a care package!

One of our happy customers, Donna, sent us this message: “My first grand daughter started college. She was worried about getting fresh fruit to eat. I sent a basket of fruit to arrive on her first day. She was so excited and posted eating a handful of red grapes on social media. She said it was “perfect”!”

That really got us thinking. The beginning of the year is often stressful for college students, especially in those early years where everything is new. Sending along a care package to help ease the hardship of the first quarter is a great idea! But what goes into the perfect care package, you ask? Here’s a short list of thoughtful items and ideas to include in your care package – these ideas were collected with the idea of promoting health and wellness in those early college years!

Back-To-School Care Package Ideas

Sleeping mask & ear plugs to ensure a great night’s sleep, even in the dorms!

Nutritious, hard fruits (like apples and pears) that can withstand shipping.

Multi-vitamins & vitamin supplements for immune support (such as Emergen-C).

Healthy sources of energy such as almonds, cashews, beef jerky, granola bars, peanut butter and roasted soybeans.

More school supplies like pens, notebooks, and maybe a journal to vent stress and let it all out!

Single-serve soups, oatmeal or popcorn they can make in the microwave.

Stainless steel water bottle or tumbler – they’ve gotta stay hydrated!

USB thumb drives, extra phone chargers or batteries.

Fleece travel blankets or airplane neck pillows.

Photos of their family, friends or pets.

Yoga mats and DVDs to ease tension and stretch those muscles.

Frisbees, small table top games or decks of cards.

Gift Cards to iTunes, coffee shops,  healthy neighborhood restaurants, bookstores or their college campus store.


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