The 5th Avenue Extravagance Wine Basket

Gift-giving at the end of the year for your professional connections can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With so many gifts out there vying for your attention, we can lose focus on what you should give. Let’s simplify! First, let’s start be defining your goals. What do you want this business gift to accomplish, and what message do you want to send? What’s the relationship like that you share with this personal connection? How about your budget? By answering all of these questions, you will be well on your way to knowing what to give to your best clients.

What do you want this gift to accomplish?

The odds are,  this is going to be a gift that thanks your client for their support of your business over the last year. When it comes to end-of-year holiday business gifting, that is most typically the goal. But there are more motivations: you could want to show off your own good taste! Maybe you really want to impress this top client. Or maybe you just want to strengthen the bond of partnership that you share with them. These are just a few suggestions as you think about this first question.

Next, what is the business relationship like?

Is this client someone you have day-to-day contact with, or someone you work with only a few times a year and otherwise have minimal communication? If this client is someone who has become a close confidant, a trusted advisor or the like, that can help determine what kind of gift to send, too.

How much do you want to spend on this gift?

Determining your business gift budget is important, because it helps you and your company stick to the parameters that you’ve set for your business gifting. When budgets fail to be determined, it can end up tipping the scales on spending, and another thing that commonly happens is your company ends up sending gifts that are too extravagant to one person, and not extravagant enough to another. It’s important to stay organized!


Gifts to Give to Your Top Clients: Tips & Recommendations


Tip # 1 : Take Out the Guesswork

Gift baskets are a perfect choice for sending to a top client, especially when they’re generously filled with top quality components like charcuterie, artisan cheeses, luxury chocolates and maybe even a bottle of great wine (or two). By sending a luxury basket FULL of gourmet goodies, you’re sending a generous gift that is sure to contain something that everyone will love.

Recommendation: The Monaco Wine Basket

Two reserve Napa Cabernets, a North Coast Brut and an Oregon Pinot Noir – this carries all the prestige to leave a lasting impression.


Tip #2: Pay Attention to Detail

Presentation matters just as much as quality! A gift should always be wrapped or displayed beautifully. We like to think of your gift making “a grand entrance”. Here at GiftTree, every gift basket comes with luxury ribbon hand-tied around the basket, along with an attached card that bears your personal message. There’s even a convenient little pair of scissors so your client can easily open their basket!

Recommendation: The Crowd Pleaser Gourmet Basket

Excite every palate! From savory delights to luxury chocolate, they’ll remember your generous gesture as there’s plenty for everyone.


Tip #3: Don’t Be Vague on Your Card Message

Don’t send a beautiful, generous basket with a card that says “From: [Your Name Here]”, write what you feel! Do you truly appreciate this client’s business? Do you value their opinions, their time, their trust in you? Say so. A meaningful message attached to a generous gift goes that extra mile.

Recommendation: Fresh Fruit & Godiva Chocolates

Imagine their surprise when they receive this abundant gift basket, overflowing with premium fruit paired with a large assortment of chocolates and confections from Godiva.


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