Thoughtful business gifts for your VIPs

What to give your best clients is the big questions that comes around each holiday season. With so many gifts out there vying for our attention, we can lose focus on what we should give. But the act of giving and connecting with your clients is so important – especially in this current business climate. Here’s a gift guide you can use to find thoughtful business gifts for your important customers.

Let’s simplify! First, before considering client gift ideas, define your goal. What do you want this business gift to accomplish, and what message do you want to send? What’s the relationship like that you share with this personal connection? How about your budget? By answering a few questions, you’ll be well on your way to knowing what to give to your best clients.

What do you want the client gift to accomplish?

Oftentimes, the purpose of business gifts is to thank clients for supporting your business. When it comes to end-of-year holiday business gifting, this is a common motivator. But there are more motivations and year-round opportunities to connect with your clients. You might want to celebrate an important collaboration. Maybe you really want to impress your VIP clients. Or maybe you just want to strengthen your business partnerships and keep your company top-of-mind with regular touchpoints. These are just a few suggestions as you think about this first question.


Next, what is the business relationship like?

Do you have day-to-day contact with this client? Do you work with them only a few times a year with minimal communication? Has the client become a close confidant or are you a trusted advisor? Considering the nature of the relationship can help determine what type of gift to send too.

For a client you don’t know well, gift baskets are a perfect choice – especially when they’re generously filled with top-quality components like artisan cheeses and charcuterie, luxury chocolates and maybe even a bottle of great wine. By sending a luxury basket FULL of gourmet goodies, you’re sending a generous gift that is sure to include something for everyone. Gift baskets take the guesswork out of giving.

When you know a client well, you can definitely send something more specific so consider these client gift ideas. For the wine-lover, consider a gift from our Reserve Cellar. We’ll deliver an iconic wine in a beautiful container. For the kitchen connoisseur, consider an exceptional gourmet selection such as an epic dinner from the  Meat and Seafood collection or a gorgeous dessert from Sweets and Treats. Finally, Personalized Gifts are also an excellent choice for your closest business partners.


How much do you want to spend on client gifts?

Setting a budget is important. This helps you and your company stick to the parameters that you’ve set for business gifting. When budgets aren’t established, the scales often tip toward overspending. A company may end up sending an extravagant gift to one client, leaving severely limited funds for other important clients. In addition, remember that some businesses are subject to limits on gifts they can receive so do your research. As you can see, it’s important to set a business gifting budget and to stick to it.

GiftTree makes it easy to sort through our many client gift ideas. Use the “sort by” tool that’s available on every product category page. You can sort through each gift category by price, from either low to high prices or high to low. In addition, some of our top-selling gifts for tiered giving. For example, As Good As Gold is available in three sizes: classic, grand and supreme.


Why do you value the business relationship?

Once you’ve zeroed in on a selection from the many client gift ideas available, take a moment to think of a specific and thoughtful message. Why do you truly appreciate this client’s business? Have you “pivoted” together throughout a series of challenges? Do you value their opinions, their time, their trust in you? Are you looking forward to a new project together? Say so! A meaningful message attached to a generous gift goes that extra mile.

When it comes to client gifts, details matter!

Finally, presentation matters just as much as quality! A gift should always be wrapped or displayed beautifully. Think of your gift making “a grand entrance.” Here at GiftTree, every gift basket is carefully packaged and comes with luxury ribbon, along with a beautiful and tasteful card that bears your personal message. The care and purpose we put into creating each client gift basket will positively reflect your professionalism. If you’re asking what to give to your best clients, GiftTree has answers!


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