In the United States, business gift giving is an industry valued at nearly $22 billion dollars per year. Billion. Companies give to their employees, their clients and their partners on many different occasions, especially during the holidays. Why is business gifting held at such a high value, you ask? Because of the return on investment. Overall, the psychology of business gifting works in two ways. First, it sends a message of appreciation (or enticement, or inspiration) to recipients, and second, it serves as a reminder of your brand or company.

Even when you know the ground rules of corporate gift giving, making sure your gifts achieve your intended goal can be a bit overwhelming. The feeling can also continue when you stop to consider what the budget may be. But remember this: spending money on a gift is an investment. You’re investing in improving the impression a person has about you and your company.

Sending the right business gifts at the right time motivates action. You may want to inspire your sales team, boost your employees, solidify customer loyalty or close a prospect. While most companies send gifts primarily during the holidays, making gifting a part of your business plan really should be a year-round strategic endeavor that all departments looking to build relationships should pursue.

Prove You Pay Attention To Your Recipients.

This gift-giving concept has a much bigger impact than you might think! In a recent business gifting study, 88% of people said they wished that the business gift was more suited to their actual interests. 90% said they didn’t want to get generic promotional “swag” – in fact, 23% reported tossing it in the trash. So we know that business gifts alone don’t win recipients over – but gifts that are unique to the individual do.

Make your clients, employees and prospects feel special by giving them gifts they actually want. The best gifts are the ones that are tailored to the recipient. So to ensure that your gift-giving achieves your intended goals – to start a new partnership, to retain dedicated employees, to thank customers – consider your recipients’ tastes and preferences, and go from there.

Buying for a group? Show that the same amount of effort went into buying these gifts, just as if you were buying for an individual!

That’s Where GiftTree Steps In.

At GiftTree we specialize in impressive gourmet food and wine gifts. We have a little saying around here that goes, “Presentation is half the elation!”. It’s true! The details of a gift – hand-tied ribbon, a well-written card, on time delivery all mean just as much as the gift itself. At GiftTree, we thought of everything when designing our business gifting program and curating our business gift collection. To top it off, we offer many helpful tools such as address book management, gift history and much more. This Holiday Season, come discover the many ways our Business Gifting Program is truly above-and-beyond. Better yet, call our Business Gift Advisors today at 800.379.4064 and get started on delivering the perfect gift.