Employee appreciation should start on day one! Is there a new team member on staff? Make them feel welcome with a thoughtful gift! Remember, that first day celebrates them choosing your company to work for. Here are some gifts that we think are the best way to welcome new employees!

Healthy Choices Fruit Gift

The most welcoming environments are the workspaces that are filled with feel-good offerings such as fresh fruit and flowers. When the environment is inviting, your employees will feel invited to do their very best.


Embossed Fine Leather Journal

Personalized offerings send the message that says, “We’re glad you’re here!” From imprinted ribbons to coffee tumblers and even office supplies such as journals and pens, GiftTree’s personalized business gifts are the way to go.


Definitive Cookie Classics Tower

Shareable gifts encourage relationship-building, boost spirits, promote sharing and invite working-relationships to form. Haven’t we all made a friend over a cookie break at one time or another? GiftTree’s shareable gift baskets and towers are full of tastes and textures for every palate.

Modern Glass Terrarium Kit

Something cute for the workspace that is also long-lasting is a great employee welcome gift. Not only does it look great and improve the working atmosphere, it serves as a reminder that you’re glad this new employee is on the team. Talk about a motivator!



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How do you welcome new employees at your workplace?