I brought home a new kitten named Bananas a little over a week ago from the Humane Society. She was very sick with a cat cold and losing weight, so on Saturday we had to take her to the vet. She really disliked the trip but I am glad that we took her. The vet [...]

The Tail of David and Goliath

Cats are probably the most well known animals for doing whatever they want, whenever they feel like doing it. Somehow, aside from this personality trait, there are so many well behaved kitties out there that we came up with a little something called Chicken Soup for...

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Cat

I adopted a kitten right before the holidays from the Humane Society. I think by now Jelly might be considered a cat. I never knew I could love a cat so much. I even researched what it means if my cat’s tail is in the upright position. It means the cat is...

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