Three or 93, everyone loves a good Halloween treat. And with so much creativity surrounding the season, there’s no reason why your goodies shouldn’t be gruesomely, ghoul-ishly good. So here are a few tricks to great Halloween treats for your office party!

Build-Your-Own Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apples are a staple of the season, and with a build-your-own caramel apple bar, co-workers can create their own perfect treat!

Begin by slicing a variety of apples into wedges (the smaller pieces will allow everyone to make a few different creations). Then, place caramel, melted chocolate and other sauces in crockpots or over tea light warmers to keep them gooey throughout the day. Arrange toppings such as crushed peanuts, sprinkles, mini candies and crushed cookies into muffin tins to keep them organized. Co-workers can pair their favorite combination of apples, sauces and toppings. Be sure to have plenty of skewers available because these easy, delicious treats definitely won’t last!


Easy-Peasy Monster Cookies

Short on time? Whip up a quick batch of your favorite cookie dough (or purchase some at the store – we won’t tell!) Roll out the dough and get to work with Halloween cookie cutters. Schmear a nice goopy layer of frosting on top and voila!

As an added bonus, if you’re even shorter on time, grab extra frosting, sprinkles and other cookie decorations while at the store and let your co-workers decorate their own treat!

Spooky Punch

Add a creepy punch to your punch with a floating ice hand.

Begin by whipping up a batch of your favorite punch. Thoroughly wash a rubber glove, turn inside out, and pour clear or colored water inside. Seal glove and hang fingertips down in the freezer for at least a full day. Remove the glove from around the ice, and add to the punch.

Healthy Treats

With so much sugar pulsing through our veins, a healthy snack option is always appreciated. For a spooky healthy spread, begin by slicing bananas in half. Melt a small amount of chocolate and paint on a ghostly face. Then, peel some clementine oranges. Stick a small slice of celery on top for a stem, and you have healthy banana_ghostspumpkins!

Everyone loves fake fangs, so for a healthy, edible version of the novelty, begin by slicing apples into fourths. On the outer edge, remove another wedge inward to create a mouth. (the apple skin should look like lips) Spread peanut butter inside and add nuts, marshmallow and other treats for teeth. Strawberries or sliced grapes make great tongues!

Of course, a sweet GiftTree Halloween treat is always a fang-tastic idea. Here are some of our favorites.



Welcome Fall Oreo Cookies

Halloween Cake Pops

Chocolate Dipped Halloween Strawberries


Epicurean Snack Shoppe Tower

Healthy ChoicesFruit Gift Basket

Double Delight Cookie Duo

What is your favorite homemade Halloween treat?