Oops, Sorry, Desole’, Siento and I apologize are small words that mean so much! Everyone makes mistakes, but the key to making a wrong right is to be able to own up to our mistakes and be willing to sincerely say “I’m sorry.” We are not always right and making a concerted effort to own it, not only shows you are willing to acknowledge it, but willing to grow from it. While the offended party may not always forgive you instantly, taking the first step to mend the situation will show your sincerity. So, instead of waiting for cooler heads to prevail, why not take a proactive stance and send a token of caring. At GiftTree, we have you covered and below are just a few of our apology perfect gifts to send to those whom you respect, love or admire.


Classic Red Roses Bouquet
Classic Red Rose Bouquet
The Classic Red Rose Bouquet is the heartfelt choice when apologizing to those your are in a personal relationship with. Roses are the universal symbol for love and what better way to convey the emotion of regret than with our breathtaking roses. GiftTree only uses the most exemplary roses on the market to ensure a spectacular presentation, so this vibrant hand selected bouquet will be the perfect choice.
The Godiva Chocolatier Collection
Perhaps, one of the best ways to apologize is through the sweet perfection called chocolate. If you know they have a sweet tooth, then this award-winning Godiva basket will aptly express your sincerest apologies. Presented in a keepsake book replica, you also might want to reward yourself for doing the right thing.
The Comfort Candle
Our charming Comfort Candle with its warm glow and natural finish is the perfect way to bring peace, harmony and joy back into any relationship. With its uplifting message, your recipient will surely be touched every time they light the Comfort Candle.


In closing, keep in mind that an apology requires your not only 100% sincerity, but also be prepared for whatever reaction, discussion or outcome that may develop and be open to growing together through the seasons of discomfort. These seasons will grow into relationships and relationships will grow into lifetimes of wonderful memories, together.


We at GiftTree would like to hear of a time that you asked for forgiveness and the measure you took to get their forgiveness and conversely, we would like to hear about the best apology that you have ever received and why you chose to forgive.