Bring Autumn Indoors with Fall Flowers

Now that it’s cooling down and the season is changing, it’s a great time to bring autumn indoors with fall flowers. Here at GiftTree we have a fantastic selection of flower flowers and arrangements that reflect the colors and essence of the season. No matter who you...

Pack a Lunchbox Your Kids Will Love

Now that school is getting back into session, it’s time to start getting back into the groove of packing that lunchbox every night (or morning). For us grown-ups, it can really seem like quite a mundane task that’s too time-consuming, or just plain old not...

Meet the Team: Jordan Crittenden, Photographer

One look through GiftTree’s beautiful website and you’ll plainly see that all of our gifts are curated and photographed with a sleek, clean, streamlined aesthetic. This is thanks in part to our fabulous in-house photographer, Jordan Crittenden. Behind the...

How to Open Wine Like a Pro

Have you ever been to a party or a restaurant where wine was being served, and just marveled at the cork-popping prowess of the person opening the bottle? Well, you can have the same opening skills as any experience oenophile with the right tools and a little bit of...

Friday’s Featured Artisan: Sartori Cheese

Friday’s Featured Artisan Sartori Cheese is a fourth generation, family owned and operated artisan cheesemaker with a passion for specialty cheeses and unique recipes that have been handed down for many generations. In the early 1900s, Paolo Sartori set off for...

Why We Gift Wednesday (Cousins Edition)

This Why We Gift Wednesday, we’re focusing in on the family members the truly blur the lines between family and friends. Not the ones that we feel obligated to spend time with because we’re related, but the ones that we totally choose to hang out with,...
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Who's ready for a glass of wine to cap off a long week?

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Friday's Featured Artisan - Silver Oak Winery - The Gift Exchange Blog

Silver Oak Winery's iconic and highly sought-after Cabernets are consistently delicious, with powerful notes of black fruit and vanilla bean.

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Our treat to you: Save up to 15% on our sweetest Halloween gifts. Shop now!

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Day after day, after-school tutors sit down with our children to play a key role in their lives and their learning! Is there an after-school tutor you'd like to thank for all the enrichment they bring to your child's life? Tag them below!

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Why We Gift Wednesday - After School Tutor Edition - The Gift Exchange Blog

Welcome to Why We Gift Wednesday! Each week, we celebra …

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