It’s SUMMER! The sun is out, the breeze is perfect and since we’re not in the dog days of summer quite yet, it’s not too hot or buggy yet. Therefore: it is picnic season! Picnics are so awesome – what a great way to relax and enjoy nature! But a fun picnic can go south quickly, when it’s discovered that some key equipment or ingredients were missed. To help avoid that, we’ve come up with the Picnic Basket Checklist! It’s a great way to learn how to pack the perfect picnic basket.

The Ultimate Picnic Basket Checklist

⬜ Lightweight Basket, Tote, or Cooler Make sure it is easy to carry, waterproof and durable.

⬜ Blanket to Spread Out You’ll need it if there are no picnic tables at your destination. A table cloth will work, too!

⬜ Low-Seated Beach Chairs Not needed – only if you prefer, but we love having a backrest!

⬜ A Trash Bag or Two Makes cleanup SO much easier!

⬜ Paper Towels Double duty – cleaning up and mealtime napkin use.

⬜ Moist Towellettes / Baby Wipes If there are kids, sauces or both in the picture, you’ll need these.

Plates Lightweight and eco-friendly are the way to go! If you must get disposable, try compostable bamboo!

Utensils Depending on what you’re having, you may need serving ware, too. The link above might be perfect!

Cutting Knife, Small Cutting Board You can pre-chop everything if you’d like, but you may want it for cheese and salami.

Corkscrew or Bottle Opener If your picnic destination allows alcohol, these are essential!

Shatterproof Glasses or Cups Glass is heavy to transport and dangerously delicate.

Ice Packs or a Bag of Ice Line these on the bottom of your basket or cooler and you’re good to go.

Drinks Avoid carrying too much glass if you can – and remember to bring plenty of water.

Salt & Pepper, Condiments Hint, hint – it’s the perfect use for all those packets in the miscellaneous kitchen drawer!

An Easy-to-Eat Menu of Foods in Resealable Containers & Jars Here are a few ideas…

  • Sandwiches or Wraps (Chicken or Tuna Salad, Turkey, Veggie, PB & J – just keep those sammies cool.)
  • Pre-Made Green Salads (Jars are perfect for this!)
  • Fresh Fruit & Veggies
  • Cheese, Salami and Crackers
  • Chips or Pretzels
  • Cole Slaw, Pasta, Potato, Bean or Macaroni Salads
  • Cookies or Bars

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