Did you know every birth month has its own flower? Each of those flowers has its own dedicated meaning. It’s believed that the Romans began this tradition. The Victorian era also brought floriography, the language of flowers. November’s birth flowers is the beautiful chrysanthemum, often referred to as simply “mums”.

Chrysanthemums bloom worldwide and have a long history of symbolism. In the United States, it reaches peak bloom in the Fall. When given as a gift, white mums symbolize loyalty and honesty, while purple represents well wishes. Red mums stand for love and deep passion. Overall, the range of chrysanthemums’ colors represent youthfulness and well wishes. In Asia, the Chinese and Japanese regard chrysanthemums as a symbol of youth and long life.

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Bestselling Chrysanthemum Bouquets

One Fine Day

Pink Charm

Blossoming Color

Autumn Chrysanthemum Bouquets

Golden Amber Bouquet

Fall Radiance

Fall Radiance

Grateful Golden Bouquet

Grateful Golden Bouquet


Month Flower Symbolism
January Carnation Devoted Love, True Friendship
February Violet Faithfulness, Virtue
March Daffodil Affection, Regards
April Daisy Innocence, Purity
May Lily of the Valley Hope, humility and sweetness
June Rose Love, devotion, passion, desire
July Larkspur Affection, Laughter, Lightheartedness
August Gladiolus Moral Integrity, Generosity
September Aster Daintiness, elegance, love, magic
October Marigold / Calendula Passion and Creativity
November Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness, Friendship, Abundance
December Holly Good Wishes, Glad Tidings