The holiday rush is over and now it’s time to slow down, reflect, rejuvenate and start 2015 on the right foot. Many people turn to New Year’s Resolutions to achieve these goals. The most common resolutions all have to do with self-improvement, whether it be physical, mental, social, or in some other realm, GiftTree may well just have something to help you, or a friend stick to those goals. Here are just a few of the most common New Year’s Resolutions.


  • Losing weight, getting fit, being healthier… No matter how you say it, there is no denying the fact that a balanced diet, filled with healthy foods is a cornerstone to achieving these goals (along with plenty of exercise). To accomplish this kind of objective, many people will go on very strict diets that cut out all sweets and treats, however the idea of moderation is becoming more popular. Many diets now encourage rewarding a goal by having a special treat, or having a “cheat day,” on which some of the delicious, less healthy foods are allowed, in moderation of course!


  • Another common resolution is to reduce or relieve stress. With so many different causes and cures, reducing stress is definitely not as black and white as loosing weight and eating healthier. One stressor may affect one person drastically and another not at all, while a remedy that works wonders for some may have the opposite effect on others. Find what works for you and take a bit of time to relax.


  • Many people also make resolutions to travel to new places and also to spend more time with family. These may not seem directly linked; however it is quite common for families to live far apart these days. To combine both these resolutions, plan a trip to meet your far-flung relatives at a new and exciting travel destination.


  • A lot of people also set goals to improve their economic situation. Common resolutions relating to economic improvement are getting a better job or a better education. These two resolutions may not be achievable in one year, but it is possible to get a jump-start on them in 2015. Start by setting a number of small goals for yourself that will get you on the path to your ultimate goal. If you want to get a better education, start with goals such as finding the right education program, getting enrolled and finishing an academic term with good grades. These are all achievable in the next year. For a quick boost, find ways to cut back on spending and save some pennies.


  • In this case, a social resolution does not relate to spending less time on Facebook, but rather goals that will help improve life for others and the earth. A couple of altruistic goals people often set in the new year are assisting people in need and helping the planet. There are many easy ways to implement these in 2015. If you would like to help those in needs, you can donate money or goods, volunteer at a charity or start by simply offering a smile or helping an elderly person carry groceries to their car. Some easy ideas to help the environment are recycling more, driving less and cutting down on power use. Not only will these help everyone, but they will help you feel better as well.

One of the hardest parts about making a New Year’s resolution is following through and sticking to it. Writing down and keeping track of progress is a well known way to help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking something to help you stick to your goals, GiftTree offers The Fine Leather Journal with Free Embossing, an elegant and refined item to help you stick to your 2015 goals.