Nurse’s Day 2022 is May 6th.  What a great opportunity to show your appreciation to the nurses who make a difference in your life. Send a thoughtful gift.

From the school nurse who helps keep your child’s asthma in control to the staff that cares for your grandparents in a long-term care facility, nurses make our lives better, every step of the way.

Take a moment to thank the nurses in your life!  And, here’s a Pro Tip: don’t forget your favorite nursing school student! Chances are they are preparing for or even going through finals at this very moment!

A simple gesture goes a long way. Here at GiftTree, we’ve got an outstanding collection of gifts that are just perfect for National Nurse’s Day 2022.

Because we know that nurses are likely to work through meal breaks, our top suggestions are gourmet gifts that are easy to set up in the break room for a quick bite on the go.  We have gourmet gift baskets that include fresh fruit and cookies for a winning combination of healthful and indulgent treats. Or send a cheese and charcuterie box for a savory spread. Fresh flowers are also thoughtful and a wonderful idea for a desk or office setting.

No matter how you choose to mark National Nurse’s Day 2022, it’s important to acknowledge the professionals who dedicate their careers to helping others. Your kind words and thoughtful gift will go a long way!