The Summer weather is getting underway, and as we all know, chocolate might not do so well sitting on a hot porch in Arizona all day. So what do we do when we need to send a gift to a chocolate-lover in Texas in July? We look to GiftTree, of course! With an innovative new way of packaging chocolate during summer, GiftTree has a viable solution to keep chocolate cool during the heat: proper insulation and ice packs.

GiftTree’s summer chocolate gifts are insulated with a sustainable, recyclable and temperature-sensitive packing solution. Biodegradable and compostable, this insulation layer is wrapped in a half-inch thick white poly film built to withstand sunlight and heat.

In addition to keeping out the sun and heat, GiftTree packs the box holding your sweet sweet chocolate gifts with icy arctic coolness. Sweat-resistant gel packs that are completely non-toxic (and reusable, too!) are included in each gift. These durable ice packs create a “freezer effect” for the gift!

Check out our summer chocolate line: it’s a decadent, mouthwatering collection of chocolate gifts that will deliver to any hot destination in the USA, intact and ready to be devoured!


The Luxury Chocolate Collection Gift

Lindt chocolate truffles, Ghirardelli squares, and an intense orange dark chocolate tablet are just a few of the luscious chocolates filling this stylish leather basket. Paired with snack mixes, roasted almonds and sweet candies, our expert gourmands have created this rich menu to be savored and remembered.


Chevaliers French Chocolate Tin

French master chocolatiers Chevaliers D’Argouges present a 12 piece collection of milk, white, and dark chocolates made from the world’s finest cacao beans, filled with an assortment of ganaches and fillings like praline lace, coffee ganache and hazelnut. Presented in a charming French tin, it’s a touch of classic old-world decadence.


Chocolate Abundance Gift

This is an expertly curated collection of gourmet chocolates like Ghirardelli tablets, Lindt chocolate sea salt truffles, and Brown and Haley’s Almond Roca, complemented by a few savory companions such as fresh roasted almonds. It’s a delicious gift that arrives beautifully arranged in a leather keepsake basket.

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What’s the most memorable bite of chocolate you’ve ever had? For this blogger, it would have to be a luscious truffle I had at the original Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.