One look through GiftTree’s beautiful website and you’ll plainly see that all of our gifts are curated and photographed with a sleek, clean, streamlined aesthetic. This is thanks in part to our fabulous in-house photographer, Jordan Crittenden. Behind the scenes in our photo studio here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, Jordan works side-by-side with our stylist to capture our gifts at their very best. We sat down with Jordan to talk inspiration, creativity and a little bit of life, too. Onward!

Tell us a little bit about where you grew up! 

Jordan Crittenden, GiftTree Photographer

Jordan Crittenden, GiftTree Photographer

Jordan: I was born in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in Reno, Nevada. It’s been good to get out of the desert and come back to the Pacific Northwest.

Where do your greatest passions lie?

I struggle with that question every day. I’m into a lot of things – art, music, motorcycles… it’s impossible to choose.

Where would we most likely find you on the weekends?

On the weekends you’ll definitely find me around town, getting breakfast with friends. I really like breakfast.

When did you know you wanted to work in photography? 

I took my first photo class in high school and then continued on in college, that’s where I really got serious about it.

What brought you to the Photography Studio at GiftTree? Tell us a little about your adventures!

Our stylist and Catalog Producer, Amy! I met her through a mutual acquaintance, and when a job opened up at GiftTree to be photo editor, I took it. I became the main photographer two months later.

What inspires you the most about working at GiftTree?

I truly believe that inspiration is all around us, from the setup of a gift basket to the conversations we have around the office.

Which lines (or types of gifts) have you most enjoyed working on?

The lifestyle photographs – where we use real people and realistic backgrounds – have been my favorite to work on. It’s great to give the gift-giver a true taste of the experience that gift will provide.

What are some of your favorite gifts offered by GiftTree? 

They are all special in their own way, but my favorite has to be Riedel Boa Decanter. It was really fun to photograph and it’s a beautiful gift.

What was the best gift you’ve ever given?

A trip to the Bahamas!

And finally, what was the best gift you’ve ever received?

SOCKS! A man can never have too many pairs of socks.