Meet the Founders of GiftTree and enjoy this insightful interview.  Justin Bayless the President & CEO of Bayless Healthcare, is the host of a YouTube Channel and Podcast called Relentless Mentality.

What is the meaning of Relentless Mentality? Justin Bayless explains:

“Relentless is commonly defined as oppressively constant, determined, showing no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. I believe that relentless is an ethos. You’re not stopping until you get what you want. You’re not taking no for an answer. No obstacle will deter you from your goal. Relentless Mentality is where we get to tap into the mindset of change agents, leaders, and icons. My hope is that their stories inspire and motivate others to transform their mentality in their profession, their personal life, and ultimately their communities.” 

On his YouTube channel and podcast, Justin recently sat down with GiftTree’s founders, Craig and Esther Bowen, to talk about the company’s storied beginnings, the successes and struggles of working together as a couple, and building GiftTree into a global brand.


Relentless Mentality: An Interview with the Founders of GiftTree


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