Giving meaningful business gifts to employees or clients is just as much about the giver as it is about the recipient. The offering you present to celebrate an occasion or mark a milestone is, in essence, a representation of your company’s feelings toward that person or occasion. Through gift giving, it’s important not to let the reason that we’re giving pass right by, leaving the moment understated. Here at GiftTree, we think a lot of that declaration is expressed through the presentation of the best business gifts.

Of course, getting a gift from anyone for any reason is always a joy, but have you ever received an unwrapped gift? Didn’t it sort of feel like someone was just kind of handing you something? If you really want to make your business gifts memorable, consider the presentation of your gift! After all, so much of the excitement is the moment as they’re unwrapping, right before the reveal. There’s that wonderful anticipation of “what on earth could this be?”, and it just goes to show that presentation matters.

It’s All in the Details

So how does GiftTree make our business gifts truly meaningful?

  • Your gift message is printed on a card and attached to your gift, where it won’t get lost or missed.
  • A handy little pair of scissors included to easily open up all the goodies!
  • Customizable ribbon is tied by hand around every gift basket!
  • Personalized details such as engraving, sandblasting, plaques, hang-tags and more.
  • Baskets and hampers made from enduring materials to be repurposed (making your gift even more memorable!).

We can tell you about all the details, but it’s better to show you! A few months ago, we shot a video showing the unboxing of one of our great gift baskets, so customers just like you could see exactly what your recipient will experience when opening up our gifts.


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