Ah, the holidays have come and gone. Sure, we may be a bit sad that the festivity has come to an end. But at the same time, aren’t you a little excited about getting back into your routines, too? A fresh outlook on life comes with this new decade. What are some of your resolutions for the New Year? If you are anything like us here at GiftTree, one of the things that we aim to do is to show more gratitude. And just like that, January happens to be National Thank You month, as well!

January: National Thank You Month

It makes sense that January is National Thank You month! Perhaps you got an amazing gift from a loved one. Maybe you were shown some really lovely hospitality over the holiday break. Or maybe you were invited to a fabulous holiday bash! Learning how to integrate more thankfulness into your life can be done by making just a few simple tweaks. Here are some ideas to add just a little more gratitude into your life this year.

Idea # 1: Write More Thank You Notes

We listed some examples of why you would say thanks after the holidays above, but there are tons of other reasons to say a simple thank you. Want to know how to write the perfect thank you note – one that really sounds like you mean it? Click here for a helpful guide on Writing Sincere Thank You Notes.

Idea # 2: Show Your Gratitude

Don’t just say thank you – show your thanks. Here are a couple ideas on how you can show your gratitude:

  • Run an errand they didn’t have time to do.
  • Bring them coffee or take-out lunch on a busy day at the office.
  • Shovel their snowy sidewalk or scrape the ice off their car.

These are just a couple ideas. Being there for them when they need you is a simple gesture that goes a long way.

Idea # 3: Offer Your Services or Connections

This year, put your skills to work in the service of others more often! Are you a great cook? Join a local meal train through your church or kids’ school, or make a big batch of soup to bring to someone when they’re sick. If you’re a good photographer, offer a family photo session! If you’re a great editor, offer to take a look at their resum√© or LinkedIn profile. These are just some simple ways to share your skills and talents, a powerful way to say thank you.

Idea # 4: Send Flowers or a Gift

Flowers or gifts are a great way to say thank you. When it comes to thank you flowers, irises, chrysanthemums and roses in the colors pink peach and yellow are the best choices, as they symbolize gratitude and friendship, according to floriography, the language of flowers.

Thank you gifts come in many forms, as well. Whether you choose something small and simple, like a heartfelt keepsake, or make a grand entrance, there’s no wrong choice. Here at GiftTree of course we love a thank you gift basket, as it makes a great presentation and carries a little something that everyone will love.

Amazing Thank You Gifts From GiftTree