Recently a few of our Gift Designers got together and headed over to Steven Smith Teamaker, a luxury tea artisan here in Portland, Oregon. Perched on stools up to a bar inside a room that looked a little like a kitchen and a little like a science lab, the Designers were treated to a demonstration and tasting of fine tea. We watched as the teamaster demonstrated how to brew the perfect cup (according to the Steven Smith Way) – steep five minutes in two fingers of hot water, remove the sachet, fill the rest of the cup. Every tea had its own personality, palate and profile, and the flavors and aromas of each variety were simply divine. Being shown this little bit of the tea world was just the tip of the iceberg – drinking tea is a custom that is complex to say the least, spreading across all the continents and spanning thousands of years. There are literally hundreds of methods to teamaking and actual wars have been fought over the stuff. Here at GiftTree it’s safe to say that some of us are quickly becoming tea-obsessed sippers and connoisseurs. Thankfully, we have more than a few perfect tea gifts in our collection! If you know someone who loves tea as much as we do, surprise them with a tea (or coffee) gift they’ll treasure (and use, too!).


The Guide to Tea Gift

Containing tasting notes, historical, agricultural and culture information, The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea is a beautiful hardcover book (signed by the author!) that every serious tea drinker will love to have in their collection. Arranged with a tin of Harney & Sons’ 30th Anniversary Black Tea and a lovely 10 ounce porcelain teacup, this gift is perfect for so many different occasions.

22086b_Personalized-Tea-Glass-with-Infuser (2)

Personalized Tea Glass with Infuser

This 15 ounce glass tea mug holds a stainless steel deep infuser, perfect for loose leaf tea. Simply place the loose tea inside the diffuser, pour hot water and let it steep. The end result is a soothing mug of hot tea made just for your friend or loved one. The personalized engraving of one initial on the glass surface is absolutely free.


Tea Time & Madeleines Crate

Madeleines are traditional French sponge cakes that are delicately shaped like petite shells, and they’re absolutely perfect for dipping in fine teas. When paired with artisan teas from Steven Smith and arranged in our signature crate, this is a gift that every tea lover will be completely charmed by.

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