Celebrating a dear friend or family member turning another year older (and wiser) is such a fun part of life. It’s their day to shine, and be shown just how much they’re loved while being showered with gifts, and indulging in decadently sweet desserts. But, sometimes expressing your excitement for someone’s special day is easier said than done and when you sit down to write that perfect birthday card message, writer’s block strikes! Don’t worry, here at GiftTree we have your birthday card covered! With our selection of ideas below, you’re sure to find something that sums up the message you have in your head that you need to get down on paper. Read on for our guide on how to write the perfect birthday card message:


For family and dear old friends:

  • Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with scrumptious cake, amazing gifts, decadent cake, smiling faces, and did I mention cake? You deserve it!     P.S. Cake!
  • As you blow out the candles this year, just think – it’s another wonderful year you’ve had the chance to enjoy me as your (daughter/friend/niece/etc.)! Here’s to next year and all the great times we’ll have together.
  • Today we celebrate all the wonderful years you’ve been in our lives. We look back and total up many, many years we’ve counted on you, and your warm, funny, personality. Don’t think about exactly how many years, just hurry up and blow out all those candles so we can get started on that cake! Happy Birthday!
  • You take care of everyone else, so today’s your day to put up your feet and let us pamper you and celebrate the amazing gift it is to have us in your lives. Oops, we meant the other way around! Happy Birthday!


For that special someone: 

  • Remember that time you ripped your pants in front of everyone at the game*?  Well, I won’t bring that up. Today’s your birthday, so let’s celebrate you and another year where you don’t embarrass yourself ripping your pants in front of everyone you know**. Happy Birthday, Babe!

*insert actual embarrassing story here

**mention embarrassing story here again

  • You complete me! I hope your birthday is completely amazing and that all your wishes come true today. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t imagine a life without you in it. May your special day be filled with the pampering, love and affection you so deserve. I look forward to making more memorable moments with you in the many years to come. Have a Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • You’ve truly taught me what love is, and each day I love you more and more. On this special day, I wish you all the things that make you the happiest in the world. To another amazing year – Happy Birthday!


For the littles:

  • To a wonderful (daughter/niece/nephew) I couldn’t live without, wishing you the happiest birthday filled with all your favorites (like me!). Happy Birthday!
  • A very special (boy/girl/niece/etc) is [Age] today! Now get out there and go wild, play with all your new toys, and soak in all that birthday magic.
  • Being a kid is all about days like today when you get cake, ice cream, gifts, and all the things that make you smile. Have the happiest of birthdays!


For the not-so-littles:

  • You only turn [age] once! Let’s live life to the fullest and make the best birthday memories ever today!
  • Wow! [age] never looked so good! Just like you, I hope your day is fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing!
  • Today, may your smile be big, and your glass of wine even bigger. Have a very happy birthday!



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Comment Below: Is there someone in your life that’s always amazing at finding the perfect birthday card, or writing the best memory-box worthy message inside? What about the complete opposite (like your uncle Earl who never seems to get your age or name quite right)? Tell us about it!