It starts with a co-worker letting you know that she’s expecting, or a colleague telling the team about his wife’s pregnancy. What should we do? The word starts to get around about throwing an office baby shower, but how exactly is that done? Here is a step-by-step guide to throwing an office baby shower that will be remembered and enjoyed by everyone.

Your Guide to Office Baby Showers: Q & A


Is it ok to throw a shower at all?

First thing’s first – before jumping in, make sure that you’ve cleared it with both the expecting person and your HR department. If the expecting mom or dad would feel uncomfortable with a shower being thrown for them, respect their wishes. And at some companies, HR may way to take the lead on all celebrations, so make sure you’re good there, too. And even though surprises are fun, it’s probably wisest not to risk it unless you’re absolutely sure they would love it.


Who should be in charge, and who should be enlisted to help?

If you’re their closest work-friend, manager or direct report, congratulations – you’re the one who should be in charge. If you need assistance in putting the shower together, ask their department co-workers or those you know are friendly with the expectant person to help. Most importantly, it is best to keep the guest of honor involved in the whole process, so that they feel good about all of it.


When should an office baby shower take place?

Most people would prefer for an office party to be short and sweet, not taking up too many hours of their work day, and definitely not after work.  Lunch hour is best, and keep the celebration to just an hour or two. Most often, a week or so before the expecting person goes out on maternity or paternity leave is a naturally good time.


Who should be invited?

Depending on your company culture, it’s up to you if the party should be co-ed. If the guest of honor is an expecting dad, it will probably make him feel more comfortable to have a few guys there. Again, keep the guest of honor informed of all the decisions, so that the only surprises will be the presents!


How should I invite everyone? 

An office email is probably best – Shutterstock has lots of cute flyers you can customize and send off to the team. Make sure that you have cleared everything – date, time, location – with the expecting party, your office manager and HR department. Make sure you also list the expecting parents’ gift registry and request an RSVP, too.


Knowing how many are attending will help you tackle this easy checklist:

🌸 Chairs, Tables & Decorations

🍹 Drinks: we love a good punch bowl with a fancy (non-alcoholic) concoction!

🥗 Appetizers: veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers, sliders and sandwiches are some simple ideas.

🍓 Dessert: a cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies or an ice cream bar would be great!

🍼 Games: If you decide to play any, that is – clear it with the guest of honor, first,

👶🏼 Gift-Opening Details: The team may want to all pitch in on one gift – let them decide!



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