Cheese boards and charcuterie platters grace pretty much every party food table these days. Sure they’re delicious, 6754ag_The-Godiva-Chocolatier-Collectionbut why not think outside the box and create your charcuterie board out of chocolate? It’s a heck of a lot more interesting than a bowl of candy! We promise your party will be the most memorable one that your guests attend this year! Here’s how to make chocolate charcuterie boards that will be raved over, devoured and talked about long after the party is over.

Step One – Choose Your Surface.

Slate is a great choice, as it provides a dark surface for the food to stand out, and plus if you want to label anything, a piece of food-safe chalk does the trick. Don’t have a slate? A wooden cutting board, a serving platter of any material or even a cookie sheet will work like a charm.

Step Two – Choose Your Arsenal (and by that we mean chocolates).

22532e_Premium-Dark-Chocolate-GiftThe most important thing to remember when deciding what’s going to go on your chocolate board is this – mix it up, in every sense of the word. Vary greatly between flavors, textures, sizes and shapes. For example, the last chocolate board we made here at GiftTree (sorry I forgot to take a picture!) had Godiva milk chocolate cashews, white chocolate cranberry almond bark, Ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry squares, Dolcetto wafer rolls, tablets of solid dark and milk caramel chocolate and even some chocolate covered biscotti. Get creative! Milk chocolate malt balls, brownie bites, wafers, chocolate dipped apricots, pretzels… the possibilities are limitless.

Step Three – Artfully Arrange & Garnish for Eye-Catchiness. 

21020h_Chocolate-DecadenceUnwrap any of the individual pieces and break up any tablets or big chunks into pieces that will be manageable for your party guests. If anything is extra small (like chocolate-covered raisins), it might be best to keep them on a small dish on the board. There is no rhyme or reason to arranging your chocolates, except to try to keep like-looking components separated. When it comes to garnish, we suggest sprinkling in little pops of color – mint leaves, edible flowers such as pansies, or ripe raspberries.


Want a head start on a wide variety of chocolates to make your chocolate charcuterie board? Shop GiftTree’s selection of chocolate gifts – baskets and towers and boxes are overflowing with chocolates to please every palate at the party.