It seems like there is absolutely no time between the holidays and Valentine’s Day, am I right? Here at GiftTree we’re gearing up big time for this lovey-dovey holiday. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Collection is off the hook, we’re prepping all our florists for the big day, and we’re even making some time for ourselves to celebrate, too. Since Valentine’s falls on a Thursday this year, why not make the office feel a little more kindhearted, too? Here are some cute ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the office.

Tip #1 Send joy to the breakroom with shareable sweets!

Delicious treats that can be shared are a perfect way to celebrate. And when you have the opportunity to make them Valentine’s Day-themed, why not make it cutesy? The team will love the sweets and enjoy the break, too.


Tip #2 Send individual Valentine’s Day gifts to the staff!

No matter what industry you work in, it’s safe to say that every employee wants to know that they are valued, and the work they do is noticed. Sending your employees a little gift that says “You’re appreciated!” is always a good idea, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do so.

Tip #3 Brighten the Lobby with a Valentine’s Bouquet

When a client or customer walks into your office, what is the first thing that you want them to notice? A lot of people would say that a welcoming reception area gives an air of respectability and organization. Therefore, adding a bright and beautiful Valentine’s Day-themed bouquet is the perfect touch.


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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day and other holidays at your office?