2020 National Cheese Lover’s Day is here! Mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, gouda, swiss, camembert, havarti, asiago, brie. The list goes on and on. Today is the day! A  day to celebrate one of the most loved foods in the world: Cheese. Cheese should be celebrated in all it’s glory. Most importantly, one of our favorite categories here at GiftTree is our Cheese & Charcuterie gifts.

For example, not only are they unique and creative gifts but they are paired with delicious meats and other gourmet foods. What will you do to celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day? Here are some fun facts and creative ways to spread some cheese and cheer!

  • Host a wine and cheese pairing
  • Create your own cheeseboard
  • Perfect your grilled cheese sandwich
  • Host a cheese taste test contest at work

Celebrate 2020 National Cheese Lover’s Day with some of our exclusive Cheese & Charcuterie Gifts:

Premium Cheese Tasting Experience

Above all, a cheese tasting experience unlike any other: Cantalet Dore, Petit Basque, Sottocenere, and Comte Extra are paired with quince paste, orange blossom honey, and more. Presented in a trim picnic basket.

Personalized Slate with Artisan Cheeses

This monogrammed slate cheese board makes a sophisticated gift all by itself. But we take it to the next level with an offering of premium artisan cheeses and gourmet pairings.

Charcuterie and Personalized Tasting Board Gift

Firstly, three artisanal salamis, stone-ground mustard, organic Greek olives and more come together in this savory, shareable crate. Secondly, a personalized tasting board for serving. It’s a perfect gift for any foodie or culinary adventurer.

Artisan Cheese Hamper

Our premium collection of artisan cheese from around the world includes handcrafted favorites that will delight and amaze the cheese lover. For instance, we also include choice gourmet foods to enhance each cheese’s unique flavor.

Engraved Cheese Board with Tools

Constructed from solid pine, this wooden cheeseboard smoothly glides open to reveal four stainless steel cheese tools with wood handles. Perfect for serving up artisan cheeses. For example, it’s a striking gift for newlyweds, a housewarming, or to commemorate an anniversary. No matter the occasion, this gift will please any cheese lover.

Wine Gift Baskets Paired with Cheese

Around the World Wine Chest

Along with globe-spanning gourmet fare, two reserve Cabernet Sauvignons present an international tour of tastes and textures in one keepsake trunk to elevate any occasion.

Three Cheers

Finally, there’s the gift basket version. Three bottles of wine: an opulent Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a silken California Estate Chardonnay and an old-vine Zinfandel are surrounded by delectable gourmet pairings. Above all, it’s a luscious tasting menu, sure to impress when the milestone calls for a generous gesture.

In conclusion, 2020 National Cheese Lover’s Day is about indulging in all things cheese! Therefore, treating yourself and friends to a wine and cheese party is the least you can do!