If you’re someone (or know someone) with a June, July or August Birthday, you know that sometimes summer birthdays get the short end of the stick. You never got to bring cupcakes to school as a kid, you never got the fun of passing out party invitations at school , and all your friends were in summer camp or on family vacations the day of your party. Well, we say, summer birthdays can be some of the best around, if you put some key ideas to work! The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and a whole new world of party possibilities unfolds. Read on for 5 hot summer birthday party ideas:


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1. Outdoor Carnival With Games

A summer carnival birthday party theme doesn’t need to be expensive to be fun! Party guests can enjoy easy to put together outdoor games where they can win prizes or collect tickets and choose their own prizes at the end. Games such as corn hole, a ping pong ball toss, and even a DIY dunk tank are fun choices! Pinterest is packed with ideas for outdoor games you can make and set up yourself like Giant Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe Frisbee, and Outdoor Bowling. Pick a few, set them up, and have an adult at each game to supervise kids and pass out prizes or tickets to winners. A DIY face painting station, temporary tattoo station, and photo booth along with a concessions stand including popcorn, hot dogs, soft pretzels, caramel apples, and store-bought cotton candy would be great additions to round out the party theme.


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2. Outdoor Movie Night with Popcorn Snack Bar

An outdoor movie night is such a fun way to celebrate a summer birthday. Inviting over friends to your lawn decked out with blankets and lawn chairs, and a large sheet hung up as an impromptu screen is sure to create memories and become a neighborhood tradition! An easy DIY screen tutorial can be found here to get you started, using just buckets, gravel, boards and some rope to hang your sheet. Projectors can be rented fairly inexpensively along with speakers and hooked up to a laptop in the yard. Or you can even rent the whole shebang from one company for under $300. To go along with your flick, set up a popcorn bar where guest can scoop popcorn into a bag or box, and add mix-ins like Teddy Grahams, peanuts, mini pretzels, M&Ms, cinnamon sugar, or butter & salt along with an assortment of old fashioned bottled sodas on ice. A great idea to span the ages from grade school aged to teenagers and beyond. How fun!


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3. Rad Neon Glow in the Dark Party

A super fun party trend right now involved lots of neon colors, and hosting at dusk so as it gets dark, the party starts to glow! Tables set with glow sticks and neon colors under black lights, along with glow in the dark party games, and a food table set to show off its colors in the dark is a super fun and unique party idea. Hand out glow necklaces and bracelets to guests as they arrive at dusk, turn out the bright lights and turn on the black lights for a night of glowing fun. A neon cake, or even glow in the dark cupcakes are a must, along with food stuck with neon toothpick flags on stands lit from below with glow sticks. More glowingly great ideas can be found here.



4. Water Fight & Slip ‘n Slide Party

A party idea that’s sure to make any non-summer birthday having kids jealous is a water fight and slip ‘n slide party! Pick a hot summer day and let the kids go to town drenching each other with water balloons, water guns, and sprinklers. Don’t forget a refill station with large buckets full of water and a hose with a water balloon filling attachment. Set up a huge DIY slip ‘n slide very inexpensively with some plastic sheeting from the hardware store duct-taped together and laid over a hill with a hose at the top. Add some non-eye stinging baby soap for even more slippery fun! A break in the activities for easy backyard bbq food, cake and ice cream will refuel kids for their next round of water fun. Make sure to have plenty of towels by the doors for drenched kids traipsing inside to use the restroom!

Via On A Whim

Via On A Whim

5. Bonfire with S’mores

S’mores and a bonfire in the backyard are a summer must! Why not theme a whole party around it and make a night of it? Set up the party with a camping theme including food displayed on wooden stands, coolers, lanterns, and even a few tents to hang out in if you’d like. Arrange s’mores fixin’s on display so guests can make their own throughout the night, along with campfire favorites such as hot dogs and baked beans. Make sure to provide plenty of roasting sticks for guests, then get the bonfire blazing! An outdoor fire pit is a great and safe choice, or if you have more room, a simple rock fire ring would would work. Wooden stumps and camp chairs or benches provide casual seating, and glow sticks for the kids once the sun goes down are always fun.

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