Soda the Dog Profile Picture“Woof!” and hello! It’s about time the folks at GiftTree allowed me, Soda the goldendoodle (who is the most-tenured dog at the company, I may add), to finally expound on life on the company blog.

Be on the lookout for future blog posts covering topics such as:

– Home Impruffment Ideas
– Who Let the Dogs Out: 20-Minute Walk Workout
– The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Bob Barker
– Paw & Order: Unwritten Rules of the Dog Park

You could say that I’ve got more ideas than you can shake a stick at! …and please shake the stick more and toss it thataway…

I was looking through the GiftTree collection and imagine my surprise when they lacked a luxurious collection of gift baskets for dogs.


So I teamed up with the wonderful designers at GiftTree to create a top of the line, paw-some, mastiff-ful collection of gift baskets exclusively for dogs. With mostly my input, of course. Introducing…


The “Gone to the Dogs” Collection

The Bark Avenue


The Bark Avenue
Inspiration for this gift comes from The Park Avenue Wine Gift Basket. You still get the fragrant Oregon Pinot Noir, berry-rich Cabernet and world-renowned Dom Perignon Brut Champagne along with savory fare and gourmet chocolates…but all wrapped up in a corgi pattern that is just the doggone cutest thing.

Did you know that Pembroke Welsh corgis are often born tailless? I can’t even imagine!

The Bone Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket


The Bone Appetit
Striking a similar resemblence to our Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket, the Bone Appetit is the cream of the crop and that’s not far-fetched (…get it?). The keepsake basket can also become your toy box: meaning you’ll have plenty of room for the 20+ toys that litter the living room!


The Tranquility Spaw Collection


Tranquility Spaw Collection
You don’t need to be Sherlock BONES to figure this out: this collection actually makes bath time a good thing. I know, I KNOW, but bear with me here: it’s been a long day. Maybe you dug a hole. Maybe you ran into a wet bush. Imagine getting bathed in style with organic hand and body creams and fragranced soaps in a bubble bath. Makes bath time all worth it!

While you’re here, check out the blog post about The Lovable Dogs of GiftTree and learn a little bit about the pups that make our dog-friendly workplace such a fun environment.

Until next time – this is Soda saying “Adiós!”