Let’s face it – food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So it’s only natural that food makes a wonderful gift! Whether the recipient is personal or professional, giving high-quality delectable food gifts is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. However, what if the person you’re shopping for is on a restricted diet, like Keto, Atkins or Low Carb? That’s where GiftTree comes in! Here are some great Low Carb and Keto gift ideas!

Low-carbohydrate, and more recently, Ketogenic diets have seen a surge in popularity. Opting for high-fat, low-carb and low-sugar foods pushes the body into a mode where it’s burning fat for fuel, rather than getting its energy from the intake of sugar and carbs. Many Americans are choosing to fill up on meats, cheese, eggs and veggies, while avoiding sweets, pasta, potatoes, bread and rice. We have tons of options that are perfect for recipients who are living the low-carb and Keto life.


Gift Ideas for Keto & Low Carb Diets

The French Connection

Relax in luxury with this spread of French cheeses and charcuterie that’s nothing short of magnifique! Each artisanal cheese is cut-to-order by world-renowned Murray’s cheese makers, gently wrapped in specialty paper and shipped with ice packs to preserve its perfectly cool condition. Presented in a rustic wooden crate, it’s a gracious offering for those with excellent taste.










The Maître d’Selection

Premium charcuterie including Toscano Fennel Salami and Jamon Iberico. Widely considered to be the world’s finest ham, Jamon Iberico de Bellota originates from free-range hogs that roam the oak forests of Western Spain feeding on acorns. The end result is a wonderfully marbled, nutty meat unlike any other. All of this is collected and delivered in a tailored isothermic cooler.







Gourmet Grilling Gift

Completely trimmed and tender filet mignon, succulent sirloin steaks, marinated lemon herb chicken breasts and luscious steak burgers create a specially-curated selection of grilling delights that makes the perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues and even yourself.








Balsamic Pearls & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic pearls from Modena, Italy burst with the luscious flavor of premium balsamic vinegar – the perfect complement to the companion bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Made from hand-picked olives on the hills of Castiglione in Italy. Pair these specialties on toasted crostini, focaccia, fruit, cheese and more.







Gourmet Cheese Dome

Whether it’s the elderflower-flecked La Cigogne from Alsace or the creamy Beemster vlaskaas, each cheese in this import collection has a story all its own. All together they create an impressive tasting experience worth sharing. The acacia-wood board and signature dome gives a stately presentation to the five gourmet cheeses, and the included picnic-ready isothermic cooler makes for easy transportation to any gathering.











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