2022 Great Gift Ideas for Grads is here just in time! College graduation is such an important milestone. For many grads, it’s a career launching point. For others, it marks the transition from college life to graduate school. And for some—who’ve been multi-tasking their way through courses, family, and work—it’s the ultimate sigh of relief after achieving a tremendous goal. But for all graduates, it’s an occasion for celebration and we have great gift ideas for grads so you can do just that!

Green is always the right color.

When it comes to college graduation gifts, cash is always a welcome gift. While some graduates may be planning a backpacking trip overseas, others will be setting up their first apartment as they start their career. And many will be facing the beginning of student loan payments. For college graduates, a gift of cash is timely, the right color, and the right size.

College grads appreciate keepsakes.

But let’s say you want something more personal to give to your college graduate. Nothing is more personal than a personalized gift! Consider barware monogrammed with the graduate’s name or initials. Maybe a wine crate engraved with their name, degree, and graduation date. Or even a tasteful leather journal embossed with their monogram. A gift from our collection of  Personalized Gifts is a great way to celebrate graduation and will likely become a treasured keepsake.


Gourmet gifts for graduates.

Remember dorm food? Ramen? Peanut butter sandwiches? Chances are that your grad would truly appreciate a delicious and decadent gourmet treat as a present. A gift basket overflowing with sweet and savory treats—and maybe even a bottle of wine—is always a welcome gift. Maybe a gourmet dinner for four delivered right to their door for a celebratory meal. Or even a special dessert such as a beautiful cake, chocolate-dipped cookies, or a basket of premium orchard fruits. Celebrate your graduate with a memorable gourmet gift! Consider a gift from our Sweets and Treats collection.

Raise a glass and toast success!

Finally, consider a special bottle of wine, a case of craft beer, or another favorite beverage of the graduate. Maybe even something ultra-special so that they can toast that new job, a first paycheck, or the hard-earned promotion that comes with their new degree. Whether they choose to enjoy now or save for the next special occasion, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to toast their success with a bar gift.


Celebrate with these 2022 Great Gifts Ideas for Grads

For graduates, college graduation comes with both a sigh of relief and a bit of uncertainty with uncharted new territory. It’s a great time to commemorate their achievement and show your support for their next life adventure with a meaningful graduation gift.