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My name is Melissa, and I work with a really great company called
GiftStarter. We’re hanging out on GiftTree’s blog today to tell their readers…

…that we’re in love!

That’s right. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re totally in love with GiftTree’s amazing selection of gorgeous, high-quality, personable, and creative gifts.

Of course, you’re probably in love with them, too.

And sometimes, love hurts…

For example: maybe you know exactly who would adore this beautiful handmade wooden wine vase with Opus One 2012, or this perfectly curated royal champagne gift basket—but you know that a gift like that just isn’t in your budget?

Well, if love hurts, then consider GiftStarter the Love Doctor!


That’s because we’re making it possible for you, the impassioned Giver, to be able to afford to give the very best gifts that GiftTree has to offer.


GiftStarter is a versatile, online application that allows families and friends to come together and afford better, more memorable gifts for the people they love. (Read on—we have a promo code just for GiftTree customers!)

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With GiftStarter, you can give any gift you dream of by inviting friends and family of the gift recipient to pitch in on the cost. Here’s how:

Just hop on over to and create a customized gifting experience by contacting our Gift Concierge. Within 24 hours, we’ll set you up with the perfect Gift Campaign—this includes any item on GiftTree. (Just send us a link to the GiftTree gift you want to give!)
From there, the Gift Concierge will create a Gift Campaign for you, the Giver, that you can then easily share on social media. Then, Contributors (the recipient’s family and friends) can begin pitching in on the cost of the gift by buying virtual “pieces” of it. It’s that simple!

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Your Gift Campaign will look similar to this. Here, friends and family have purchased “pieces” of an Amazon gift card for Dani’s birthday. Because of GiftStarter, Dani will be getting a $250 gift card, rather than a $10 or $20 gift card from one person. Memorable, and useful!

You’ll also notice the sweet birthday messages Dani’s friends have left behind as they’ve pitched in and bought pieces of the gift card. GiftStarter takes all those awesome messages, and creates a really special handmade card that gets shipped off with Dani’s gift! Contributors can even customize the picture they’d like to use on the handmade card.

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Not only was the Giver of this gift able to work together with the recipient’s friends and family (from all over the country) to get her a better gift, the recipient is also going to be feeling a ton of love from her community.

This is why we love GiftStarter so much: we’ve created a platform that is turning your run-of-the-mill group-gift into a memorable, fun, visual experience. No more rushing around trying to collect cash pitch-ins using PayPal, or checks in the mail. With GiftStarter, you can get it all done in one place, give a better gift, and create a truly warm, memorable experience for someone really special to you.


Use GiftStarter and the Gift Concierge today to enjoy amazing GiftTree experiences like:

+Getting the co-workers together for a better corporate gift
+Supporting a family together with a meaningful sympathy or get-well gift
+Inviting friends and family to pitch in to celebrate a new graduate

+Celebrating a new arrival together with an awesome baby gift basket

+Thanking a hard-working teacher, together with the class

+And more!

See? Love doesn’t have to hurt! The next time you find an awesome gift to give on GiftTree, contact the Gift Concierge, use GiftStarter to become a Giver, and create a community gifting experience that won’t soon be forgotten!

Oh: and GiftTree customers can use the promocode GIFTPARTNER to try GiftStarter fee-free!


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