If you and your team at work are looking for a way to burn a few calories, pick a day and take the team for a run, or, a walk, jog, stroll, shuffle or trot. Any of these various activities will result in a welcome respite from the weekly grind and get your team thinking about health.

On Fridays, for the past few weeks, the GiftTree Business Development team has been going on such runs. The underlying goal is an improvement in personal fitness and overall health, but the time away from the office, as a group, is also an effective team-building experience. While we are fortunate to already have a great team, the out of office time gives us an opportunity to further strengthen our group. The Friday runs are a welcome addition to ongoing personal improvement. Plus, they are simply refreshing. In a nutshell, each week we select a different location, pile into a couple of vehicles, and head to the destination. Some people run, some walk, but everyone has a great time. Come rain or shine, the GiftTree BizDev team gets busy being active.

I strongly recommend emulating this activity and making it part of your corporate lifestyle. Get your heart rate up over something other than the bottom line!