Did you know every birth month has its own flower? Each of those flowers has its own dedicated meaning, as well. It’s believed that the Romans began this tradition, and the Victorian era also brought floriography, the language of flowers. Between its birthstone and birth flowers, February is all about the purple power!

February Birth Flower

African Violet. Image: Shutterstock.

February’s birth flower, violet, symbolizes humility and faithfulness. In the Northern half of the United States, wild violets are commonly known as blue violets or wood violets. Violets grow in shaded woody areas or wooded wetlands. They range in color from white to yellow, pink to the most common purple shade. The state flower of Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois and New Jersey, wood violets bloom in early spring and last into summer. Violets are a beautiful perennial wildflower, so they may not be an ideal bouquet to give for a February birthday. However, a great gift option that still includes violets is the African Violet, a common indoor houseplant that is beautiful and easy to care for. They like low light and lots of water. Native to eastern tropical African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, African Violets range in colors. But for February birthdays, we suggest giving a potted African Violet in its popular deep purple hue. You can find African Violets at any floral shop or grocery store. However, we also offer it in two of our basket plant gifts, the Blooming Garden and the Simply Chic Plant Basket!


February Birth Stone

Raw Amethyst. Image: Shutterstock.

Another awesome idea for a February birthday gift is an Amethyst. The February birthstone, amethyst is a gorgeous purple crystal, a violet variety of quartz. Most commonly mined inBrazil and South Korea, amethyst crystals have been worn and used for thousands of years, tracing all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Symbolizing intuition, peace and calming balance, so they make a perfect gift! Amethyst stones can be given in the form of jewelry or in their raw form. Energy Muse is one of our favorite shops for crystal jewelry and stones!









If you’d still like to send flowers, a gorgeous purple bouquet or a purple gift is still totally appropriate! Therefore, here are three GiftTree offerings that make great gifts for February birthdays.


Exquisite Beauty

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy

Lavender Garden