Turn-overs should be filled with apples!

Employee Appreciation Day 2022 is Friday, March 4th. Retention is a key metric in today’s business landscape. What is your company doing to keep your workforce engaged? If the word “turnover” conjures stress from an increasing HR metric and not delight from a delicious fruit-filled pastry, it’s time to focus on employee retention.

It All Starts Here

Start with THANK YOU. Those two words go a long way!

Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday of March. While you should be connecting with employees regularly – especially any work-from-home teams – be sure not to miss the official occasion!

Staff recognition goes a long way to strengthen employer-employee relationships. And Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect occasion to recognize your team for their hard work and dedication. If you need ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Remember In-Office Employees and the Work-from-Home Team

For in-office staff, recognizing Employee Appreciation Day creates a positive buzz. Consider filling the break room with delicious snacks or take the entire team out to lunch. Decorate the employee entrance with a balloon arch in the company colors or pass out fresh flowers for everyone’s desk. Or send everyone home with a beautiful gift basket to enjoy.

Gift baskets are also a great idea for the work-from-home team. Connecting with a distributed team is especially important. And sending gift baskets for Employee Appreciation Day gives everyone a fun, shared moment – despite the distance – and unites the team. Our collection of professional Gift Baskets meets a wide range of budgets.

Another gift idea that works for in-office as well as work-from-home employees are gifts from our Branded Gifts collection. A gift bearing your company logo helps promote company pride and reminds each worker that they belong to a team.

For employee appreciation gifts, you’ll want to find something that’s special and meaningful, but not too personal. It’s also important to choose something that a variety of people will like. And, of course, staying on budget is key. Fortunately, you can find many great options for business gifts at GiftTree. And we take care of all the details!

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022

In conclusion, no matter how you choose to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, just do it! Your employees will know that you’re glad to have them on the team.